1 Secret from a Senior Copywriter

Ryan McGrath is a copywriting stud. There’s no other way to say it.

His name and achievements hang on the wall at 808 St. Paul Street in Baltimore, Maryland… the headquarters of one of the biggest direct response companies in existence.

It’s not there to identify him as a Senior Copywriter; but, because he’s one of the most accomplished copywriters in the company’s history.

His copy has generated an average of $10 million in sales per year… for years running now.

If you were to ask him what the secret is to crafting copy that converts like crazy with cold traffic, what do you think he’d say?

Well, I know what he’d say. Because I know Ryan and I know his method. He and I are completely on the same page. (I’ll tell you his “secret” in a second.)

This is partially why I’m bringing Ryan in to Florida next week to spend a couple of days with my TOP ONE Mastermind™ members.

The other reason is because Ryan is a pro at turning average marketers and copywriters into million-dollar producers themselves. He already has six copy cubs who are each producing millions in annual sells with their own copy.

So he’ll also be teaching my TOP ONE Mastermind™ members how to build a rock-solid team of copywriters. It’s one of the most profitable things you can do for your business.

So what’s his “secret”?

Well, despite what you may think, it has nothing to do with writing… grammar… punctuation… copywriting tricks… headline formulas… NLP… persuasion hacks… sales chops… or any of the other slew of customary copywriting tips.

Nope. If you asked Ryan what’s the secret to crafting copy which converts cold traffic into buyers, he’d say something like…

“The single most critical factor is that you begin with a Big Marketing Idea.”

He’d tell you… copy aside, the better your marketing idea, the better your marketing converts. Period, end of story.

Why? Because a Big Marketing Idea does the heavy lifting for you… it carries the entire promotion… regardless of your copywriting chops.

Meaning: When you use Big Marketing Ideas, you don’t need great copywriting skills. You don’t need great sales skills. And you don’t need great persuasion skills.

Think of it like producing a movie.

With a bland, run-of-the-mill movie idea, you need a great cast… great actors… to carry the film. Maybe even great special effects, great directing, great dialogue, and, likely, a great big budget too.

Not so when you have a new and unique movie idea.

Great movie ideas can lead to great films even with an indie cast, director, and budget.

And the same holds true for your marketing campaigns.

Not only can a Big Marketing Idea make-up for weaker copy and weaker marketing, it makes creating the marketing message so much easier. Because a Big Marketing Idea doesn’t require slick copy to make it sound exciting. It’s already exciting, by nature.

Yet, if you try to craft a marketing message with an ordinary, typical idea, the only way to make it sound exciting is with hyperbolic copy.

It’s not only brutally difficult and exhausting, it usually leads to copy which is obnoxious and aggressive and a turn-off to most prospects.

So, I would encourage and urge you to learn how to spot and develop Big Marketing Ideas for your campaigns.

Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than most entrepreneurs realize.

And, even it wasn’t, you’re not on a mission to simply find the easy marketing tricks.

You’re on a mission to find and use the best marketing methods possible. The ones which will build your business and income bigger, faster, and more consistently.

That’s what a single Big Marketing Idea can do for you.

Think about it.


TB 🙂