What I’m Up To Now…

A quick snapshot of what has my attention and focus…


  • On the hunt for a nice log cabin either in Tennessee, North Carolina, or Georgia. Will be nice to have a family getaway spot in a colder climate. And a place to rent-out when we’re not there.
  • Working with Sami on her testing and college applications. Can’t believe she only has one more year of high school.
  • Trying to tame my “wild child”, Gabby. She’s a theater buff, so everything seems to be excessively dramatic. At least she seems to be getting better at it. 🙂
  • Kellie and I are finalizing all of our travel plans for the year. Working on three big trips. Can use ’em!
  • Organizing a more consistent schedule of time for the Brown clan to serve others.
  • Doing a massive purge of old clothes, shoes, and stuff I’ve apparently hoarded accumulated.


  • Doing a ton of daily writing for our blog. A daily essay ain’t easy.
  • Already half-way thru assembling another killer lineup for MFA Live 2018.
  • Getting ready for our first in-person TOP ONE Mastermind meeting. We’ve assembled an incredible group of entrepreneurs. Excited to see them grow like crazy in 2018.
  • Focusing on creating really, really good content and training for our Acquire & Monetize folks. So proud of this new academy.
  • Starting to release my digital book: How To Find Your Big Marketing Idea! 
  • Finalizing my speaking schedule for 2018. Looks like this will be another year with a few trips out of the country.

What I’m Reading Right Now

  • Naked, Drunk, And Writing by Adair Lara: A great little book on writing meaningful personal essays.
  • I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by Norman Geisler: Pretty self explanatory. 🙂
  • Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It by Dorie Clark: Some great insights on how to make your ideas more understandable and share-worthy.

This update was published on January 3, 2018.