2019 Marketing Requirement… A Law Degree?

In 2019 all marketers should have the same mindset as lawyers.

Here’s why:

At the foundation of your marketing funnel you must present a solid chain of logic.

Please, don’t misunderstand me…

I’m not talking about having a marketing message based on logic…

Because as you already know, people are emotional creatures, so your marketing funnel needs to stir up emotion.

However, when it comes to proving your marketing case (your marketing argument) you need to present a solid chain of logic.

You need to understand that there are specific beliefs your prospects MUST come to accept in order to BUY at the end of your funnel.

One of the best ways to begin constructing your marketing message with Education Based Marketing (EBM) content is to ask yourself…

“What beliefs MUST my prospect hold to be able to buy?”

Because not establishing all the beliefs that prospects need to have will leave a gap in your marketing case…

And I guarantee you… that gap will hurt your conversions.

The best way to uncover ALL of your prospects’ beliefs and to present a proven marketing case… is to think of yourself like a prosecutor!

Let’s say you are a prosecutor presenting a case with the goal of finding a defendant guilty of murder.

The end result of your presentation to the court is to persuade the jury to believe that the defendant is guilty.

Now, in order for the jury to arrive at that belief there are other prerequisite beliefs that they must have.

There is a series, a sequence, or a logical chain of beliefs that they need to have in order to reach the conclusion that the defendant is guilty.

Does the jury need to believe that there was motive?

Do they need to believe the person obviously committed a heinous act?

Do they need to believe that the crime was premeditated?

As the prosecutor… point by point, element by element, belief by belief, you present your case, establishing one belief on top of the next…

You only rest your case when you know that you’ve established ALL the beliefs necessary for the jury to believe the defendant is guilty.

The marketing world is no different…

Ultimately, you’re leading your prospect to believe that your product or service is the ideal solution to their problem.

And those beliefs typically fall under – what they need to believe about you, what they need to believe about themselves and what they need to believe about your product or service.

In your marketing funnel, you’re simply making statements of claim by presenting certain promises and backing up those claims with proof

Just like a prosecutor in a courtroom.

Having a marketing funnel that doesn’t establish all of the necessary beliefs, holes, and gaps leaves doubt in the mind of the prospect.

That leaves questions in the mind of the prospect because it’s incomplete and unproven

And doubtful, skeptical prospects never buy.

Make sure you’ve established all of the necessary beliefs your prospects must have in order to buy, then sit back to watch your conversion rates rise.