3 Bitcoin Marketing Secrets

Everybody and their brother is talking about Bitcoin.

This is not an essay about making money from the “little coin”.

Instead, we’re going to talk about what you can learn from the marketing of it.

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Take a look around the world of financial newsletter publishing and what do you see?

Promotion after promotion about a new and different method for making money with Bitcoin.

Almost every financial publisher has some marketing campaign running right now about it.

Why? Because Bitcoin is blazing hot right now. It’s all over the news. And experienced and novice investors are captivated by it.

In fact, it’s been the second most searched global news story of 2017 (behind just Hurricane Irma).

Marketing Secret #1:

So, the first marketing insight for you is in plain sight:

Your front-end marketing ideas should be based around what’s hot in your market and top of mind for your prospects.

Like legendary ad man, Robert Collier, shared many moons ago, “Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

This is why it’s critical you stay plugged in to what your prospects are talking about, searching for, responding to, and buying.

All good marketing begins with your prospect.

To get their attention, start with what already has it.

Marketing Secret #2:

But, how do you standout and grab attention if you’re talking about the same thing your competitors are?


Have a different story to tell. A different angle. A different idea. A twist on the common.

It’s your job to take what’s hot in your market and find a unique angle nobody else is sharing.

For example, take a look at these Bitcoin FB ads…

Bitcoin Facebook Ads

All of these are from savvy direct marketing companies.

You’ll notice, none are simply saying, “How To Get Rich In Bitcoin”.

Why? Because “How To Get Rich In Bitcoin” has already been said. It’s an old, basic, run-of-the-mill idea. There are news articles about it… blog posts… YouTube videos… podcasts… even books.

So, to talk about Bitcoin and get attention, savvy marketers understand they need a different story. Something nobody else is sharing with prospects.

In the above examples we have:

(1) Is North Korea really orchestrating some impending Bitcoin meltdown?

(2) Can you really get a cash advance on cryptos without buying anything?

(3) What’s happening that this Bitcoin expert is getting out of cash?

(4) What’s this investor’s cryptocurrency script? What the heck is a “cryptocurrency script”?

(5) What’s this “H.R. 835” thing Congressed pass and how is it going to change Bitcoin?

See how they each have a unique story? Something different to say?

Also, notice…

They’re not trying to compete with one another by simply screaming a louder promise.

We’re NOT seeing:

“How to make a million dollars in Bitcoin” versus “How to make ten million dollars in Bitcoin” versus “How to become a billionaire in Bitcoin”.

No. That’s how average marketers attempt to compete with one another.

Savvy marketers understand a bigger promise loses its luster quickly. But a different story or angle works wonders.

Clayton Makepeace

Marketing Secret #3:

Also, notice, in each of the Bitcoin FB ads above, there’s something either happening right now… or… something about to happen (related to Bitcoin) which adds an element of timeliness and urgency.

Old stories… old news angles… old occurrences are not what you’re looking for.

You want a new story to tell based on something changing or happening now or in the very near future. Something, which is already impacting your prospect or will impact her.

So, the overall takeaway is pretty straightforward:

A. Find what’s hot in your market. (You can even combine two or more topics)
B. Develop a different idea or story nobody else is telling.
C. Use an element of timeliness within the story to create urgency

Do that… and you’ll never struggle to get your prospects attention or create engagement for your marketing.