A Pro-Level Copywriting Secret

There’s a reason lots of marketing online triggers doubt, skepticism, and disbelief.

Cause most is based on hyperbole.

Lots of exaggerated claims and promises. Language filled with excess.

Instead of assembling a rock-solid, airtight marketing argument, many marketers and copywriters attempt to win their prospect over with grandiose descriptions, hyped-up promises, and vague claims.

They foolishly think “going bigger” with their language is the way to go.

It’s not. 

Instead of going bigger, go more specific.

Specificity in your promises… your claims… your benefits. That’s how you decrease doubt and skepticism and disbelief in your copy.

It’s specificity which sells. Not vague language. And certainly not hyperbolic language.

Write this down:

Specificity in copy beats hyperbole every time. 

Todd Brown

P.S. This is one of those simple principles I’ve seen play-out over and over from our friends at Agora.

They’re pros at using education-based, valuable copy in their marketing. Instead of the obnoxious hyped stuff so prevalent today.

Well worth you paying close attention and studying their approach.

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