All Marketing is Manipulation…

I get this question from marketers all the time so I wanted to address this in a short and sweet post for you today.

All marketing is manipulation. Period.

There are preconceived, negative connotations associated with the word “manipulation”.

To me, marketing is about moving people emotionally.

It’s about prodding feelings, emotions, and perspective.

It’s about stimulating (and dare I say worsening) fears that already exist.

It’s about stimulating, as John Carlton would say, “the greed glands.”

Marketing is manipulating emotions.

The reason why I’m okay with that is because what I really believe it comes down to is this…

Do you truly believe in the product you are offering?

Is having your product/service in the best interest of your prospect?

If I believe that what it is that I’m offering is truly in the best interest of my prospect, that it’s going to alleviate their problem or give them the result that they want better than anything else out there, quicker, more efficiently, more effectively than anything else, then for me, as long as I’m telling the truth, as long as I’m being upfront and forthright, then YES. I’ll market it.

I’m going to pull out every weapon, every tool in my bag to get them to see the value and respond today.

Again, as long as I’m being truthful, as long as I’m being honest, as long as I’m not trying to sweep anything under the carpet, and I’m putting something in their hands that I believe wholeheartedly is in their best interest. Then I’ll market it.

That to me is the only difference.

Marketing is Not “Salesmanship in Print”

A lot of longtime marketing pros have said that what we do is salesmanship and print, I don’t agree with that.

I’m not selling… I’m marketing through education.

I’m delivering value and educating the prospect in a way that strategically leads them to adopt certain beliefs, to change certain beliefs, to change and alter their perspective.

I love it because it truly does lead people to make the conclusion on their own that I ultimately want them to make, that I believe is the best decision for them to make, without having to apply excessive psychological pressure.

Are You Doing Your Prospects a Disservice?

If you’re not marketing hard, pulling out all stops, sharing all of the benefits and all the reasons why your prospect needs to respond and respond now…

If you’re not sharing all the reasons why they should believe you, then you’re doing your prospect a disservice.

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