Become The “Godfather” Of Your Market

If you want to see higher conversions, then your audience is going to need to see an offer they can’t refuse…

I’ve never been one for selling myself short, but I’m all for upselling, cross-selling, and every-which-way-selling…And you do that with a great offer.

What I want you to understand right off the bat is that your offer is more important than your copy.

The offer is 100 times more important than the words and phrases that you use to inform your prospect about the offer.

Remember the order of importance in direct-response marketing:

1. List: Make sure you’re in front of the right crowd.

2. Offer: Presenting the marketplace with a rock-solid, superior, irresistible, no-brainer offer.

3. Copy: The narrative you build to convince, convert, and sell.

So, assuming that you’re in front of the right people, the next most important element is the offer.

And that offer is far more important than the copy.

It doesn’t mean that copy isn’t very important, but no matter how good the copy…

The offer can make or break any marketing funnel.

This is why the real product you’re “selling” prospects on is the offer.

And when you’re putting together your offer, the offer needs to be superior than your competitors’ offers.

You start by asking the questions:

What offers are your competitors are making to the marketplace?

What is the price point?

What are the premiums, terms, risk-reversals, and guarantee?

What is the timeframe?

And you leverage that to blow their offer out of the water!

It’s your job to put together an offer that makes your competitors say:

“How the heck are they doing that? That’s crazy!”

And to make prospects feel like…

“That’s an offer I can’t refuse. I would be nuts to pass that up!”

That’s how you become The Godfather of your market.

Your offer should give the prospect the perception that they’re getting incredible value; value worth far more than the investment required to get it.

Your job as a direct-response marketer in crafting and engineering a high-converting marketing funnel is to sweeten the offer as much as possible until it’s irresistible.

You do that by giving phenomenal lopsided value return.

It’s all about how much better each aspect of your offer is than your competitors’.

One of the best ways to do that is with an idea I mentioned above: the risk-reversal, or guarantee.

The offer with the biggest, baddest, boldest risk-reversal guarantee is usually the one that dominates the market.

Remember, a lot of marketers are timid when it comes to risk-reversal…

They use the weakest guarantee possible in fear of refunds.

But that’s their Achilles heel!

The reality is, yes, with a big, bold risk-reversal in your offer, sure, you will no doubt see an increase in refunds…

And honestly, if you’re not seeing a healthy amount of refunds… You’re probably not selling hard enough!

But mark my words…

With an insane offer delivering a phenomenal product that comes with a bold guarantee, your increase in sales will far exceed the slight bump in refunds.

So be bold, my friend…

And you’ll be the Don Corleone of your market in no time.