Dave Chappelle’s Joke Secret = Smart Marketing

Dave Chappelle's Joke Secret = Smart Marketing

With a net worth of over $42 million, Dave Chappelle is one of the wealthiest comedians on the planet.

On Forbes’ top ten list of wealthiest comedians, he falls just behind Louis C.K., Chris Rock, and Jerry Seinfeld.

During a recent Netflix special Chappelle shared a rare glimpse into his approach to comedy and standup.

Dave Chappelle's Joke Secret = Smart Marketing

“I write jokes backwards,” he said. “I write punchlines with no particular set-up in mind. I just know that whatever happens at the beginning of the joke, with a good punchline… it’s going to be hilarious.”

So he starts with the payoff. The destination of a joke. The most important piece.

Smart marketers do the same thing.

Only, in our case, we start with the offer. That’s the payoff… the destination… of every marketing campaign.

Before you set-up any web pages, write any copy, or think about anything else… you need to engineer a wildly-compelling offer.

Just as a weak punchline can ruin an entire joke, a weak offer can ruin an entire marketing campaign.

And just as a great punchline can carry a joke with a weak set-up, a great offer can carry a marketing campaign with weak copy.

Focus on putting together S.I.N. Offers — superior, irresistible, and no-brainer — and everything else you do with your marketing will be easier and more effective.

And remember…

You’ve likely put a significant amount of time into whatever product or service you’re offering the marketplace, right?

Yet, what you’re marketing and selling in any campaign is the whole offer. The product, price, guarantee, bonuses, etc.

So the construction of your offer deserves at least as much time and attention as went in to the core product or service.

Remember, it’s the whole campaign payoff. The destination. The punchline.