Does Your Marketing Have A “Big Idea?”

A Big Marketing Idea Is An Idea That Is Both Intellectually Interesting As Well As Emotionally Compelling

What that means is that it resonates on an emotional level, it stirs emotions within your prospects, but it’s also an idea that is intriguing from an intellectual level, an intellectual basis, and so it appeals to both the head and the heart.

Big Marketing Ideas are emotionally compelling
Big Marketing Ideas are emotionally compelling.

It’s not just a logical intellectual idea, and it’s also not just some promise of benefits on purely emotional, it it is appealing to both the head and the heart.

And therefore…

… Unlike a ordinary idea, a big marketing idea gets attention.

A Big Marketing Idea STANDS OUT

… And a big marketing idea, because it resonates on both an intellectual as well as emotional level, it captures their attention and creates that level of engagement.

Big Marketing Ideas stand out and get your prospects' attention.
Your Big Marketing Ideas make you stand out from your competitors.

Without question, most business owners are thinking about their marketing, or approaching their marketing, through this lens of “better.”

They’re trying to do things maybe a little better than their competitors.

They’re trying to put a little spin on something that’s been done before.

They’re recycling a lot of old ideas that have already been done before, that scream to the marketplace that it’s marketing, it’s selling, it’s more of the same, and they’re losing out on the enormous opportunity to stand out and to be different.

Those things that come from having a big marketing idea.

So which would you rather have powering your business?

A hyped up exaggerated promise screaming louder or attempting to scream louder than your competitors, or an idea that resonates on an emotional and intellectual level with your prospects, a big marketing idea.

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