Front End vs. Back End Marketing?

For Business Growth, Understand The Difference Between These Two Marketing Outcomes

Front End and Back End Marketing have different purposes.

This is a total game changer for any business owner when you get this and approach it the right way.

What I’m talking about here is the front end and the back end in your business.

And, let me first define what front end and back end is, and then I’m going to give you the game changer that can radically speed the growth of your business.

So, when we talk about the front end, we’re talking about all of the marketing that you are doing with prospects, with non-buyers.

The Aim Of Front End Marketing Is To Acquire A Customer

The aim of front end marketing is to generate a new customer, to generate a sale from somebody who has never participated in a transaction with you before, and to get them to participate in that transaction for the first time.

That’s the front end.

The back end is all the marketing that you do with existing customers.

And, the purpose, the objective, the aim of the back end is to generate profit, to deliver more value to your customers, to increase lifetime value.

If you want to grow a monster business, remember this and burn this into your brain: 

At the end of the day -

The Goal of Back End Marketing Is To Generate Profit

Lifetime value is the total amount of money that the average customer spends with you.

And so, we’ve got the front end and the back end.

Front end, all the marketing that you do to generate new customers.

The aim, generate the maximum number of new customers.

The back end, all of the marketing that you do with existing customers to continue to deliver value for them, grow their lifetime value to your business, and generate profit.

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