Frozen Iguana (or Dead)!

The Big Marketing Idea by Todd Brown

Frozen iguanas are falling from the trees here in Florida.

It happens when the temperature drops.

That’s how I got suckered into possibly caring for a dead reptile.

How To Find Your Big Marketing Idea by Todd Brown

He was about 3-feet long. Greenish-gray. And still as a statue.

So I sprang into action.

Some quick research online told me I needed to move him into the sun.

I guess Iguanas go into a coma-like state when their body temperature drops too low.

So I grabbed a towel, heated it up a bit in the microwave, and transported my new green friend to a sunny spot on the lawn.

Minutes later, no change. An hour later, still no change. Frozen solid.

So, as the day went on and the sun shifted, I transported him to new sunny locales in my backyard.

All the while, my wife and daughters were laughing at me.

I didn’t care. I was on a mission to save my new frosty pal.

I think I moved him three times. Maybe four.

My neighbors probably thought I was excessively caring. Or an idiot.

Either way I finally realized I needed to get back to work.

Nature Does Its Thing…

A couple hours later my phone rang.

It was my wife.

She called to let me know she left with the girls to run some errands…

And that they tried… but… they couldn’t stop a big “vulture-like” bird from eating my iguana.

“What?! Ohhhh man!”

“Yeah, he’s dead, babe.”

“Geeze lousie. Friggin bird!”

Yep, the evils of nature.

And it wasn’t a pretty sight either.

So I dragged him into the lake in my backyard. Then watched him float away.

When I told my team the story they all laughed at me as well.

Because… truth is… I’m not really sure if he was frozen… or dead.

It’s possible I was caring for a dead iguana the whole time.

Likely, I was moving a lifeless reptile around my backyard from sun spot to sun spot with a towel.

What a yutz.

Yeah, come to think of it… it is pretty funny.

But not when it’s done by entrepreneurs with their marketing.

Agora Financial Copy Calls

Frozen Or Dead Marketing Campaign?

Most marketers don’t realize… the campaign they’re trying to fix, optimize, improve… is already dead.

Underneath its skin of technology and automation… it has a lifeless idea (i.e. an ignorable hook).

Moving a dud of an idea around your marketing lawn… to a new model… a new page layout… a new headline… a new video… is just like me moving that dear departed iguana around my backyard.

Ain’t nothing going to bring it to life.

The soul is gone. Missing.

The soul of any campaign is the marketing idea.

How vibrant and healthy your campaign is — and how well it performs and produces sales for you — comes down to the quality of your idea.

Is the marketing idea compelling?
Is it new, unique, different?
Is it fresh and timely?
Does it convey a Primary Promise?
Does it contain a Unique Mechanism?

If not, it’s dead. Not frozen.

And that’s why the single most valuable thing I can teach you about marketing is how to develop Big Marketing Ideas.

Because without a compelling idea for your marketing campaign, no amount of optimization tricks, conversion hacks, or copy tweaks is going to help.

Like a car with a blown, dead engine — a new paint job, new interior, and new whiz-bang stereo system may make it look pretty, but it still won’t run or get you where you want to go.

Yet, when you learn how to develop and deploy Big Marketing Ideas, you can see significant sales even without great copy… without great page design… and without the newest automation technology.

Because a Big Marketing Idea makes your marketing standout as something new and different. It gets you and your marketing attention And it compels your prospects to want to hear more.

And it’s more effective than any other strategy or tactic I’ve come across in the 15+ years I’ve been in the direct marketing trenches.

You’ll find the entire formula for developing your own Big Marketing Idea inside my new book.

And you can grab it for just $7 bucks right now.