Google Helping Your Competitors Steal Your Customers?

Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post, I told you how Google helps your competitors steal your new customers from you if you trigger The Google Marketing Slap.

The only way to prevent a Google Marketing Slap is with a Unique Mechanism™.

A Unique Mechanism is nothing more than the unique piece, part, component, aspect, process, or system behind your product or service which makes your product work.

It’s the “thing” within your product or service that gives your prospect the result.

It’s the reason why your product or service works.

It’s nothing more than a “marketing invention”.

In fact, there are three simple ways to identify and name a Unique Mechanism for any product or service.

Selling a software? The Unique Mechanism™ could be the “algorithm” behind how it works.

Selling massage therapy?

It could be the combination of different bodywork methods you use.

Selling a cardiovascular supplement? It could be the nutrient formula.

Selling birthday cakes? It could be the unique recipe you use.

Again, no matter what you’re selling, you can identify and name your own Unique Mechanism.

When you properly build it into your marketing, you not only prevent the Google Marketing Slap by having a “proprietary” and exclusive solution…

You also give your prospects tremendous hope and excitement in your product or service.

See, presenting a Unique Mechanism at the heart of your marketing gives your prospects hope that maybe this time, with your product or service, they will experience the results they’re after — the results which have eluded them.

The results which they didn’t experience from the other products and services they’ve bought.

It gives them hope, because they view the Unique Mechanism as the thing they’ve been missing.

The one thing they haven’t tried.

The one thing that’s been missing from all the other products and services they’ve bought.

It gives them hope that maybe this time things will be different because of the Unique Mechanism.

Because they’ve never tried another product or service with this mechanism.

So, maybe… just maybe this will be the difference maker for them.

When that happens, watch how fast your sales conversions shoot up.

What’s the Unique Mechanism for your product or service?