Got low sales conversions? Do this.

It’s an easy fix.

So, if this describes you, pay close attention…

You’re getting clicks on ads and/or visitors to your marketing funnel. Maybe even optins. But, you’re not getting many sales.

That your experience right now?

If so, here’s what you need to do:

Since visitors are entering your funnel, you’re clearly presenting something your market is interested in.

So, kudos! You should feel good knowing your marketing idea is worthy of attention.

But, if your prospects are engaging with your marketing, but NOT buying, what’s the problem?

Easy answer.

It’s most certainly your offer…

What you’re offering prospects… and HOW you’re presenting it and positioning it… is a bit off the mark.

And, unfortunately, even a great marketing idea and great copy will never make-up for an average offer.

What do I mean by “average offer”?


“Here’s my product, here’s a couple of bonuses, here’s the guarantee, and here’s the price.”

That’s average. It’s common. It’s normal and nothing special.

And, today, with the volume of competition you likely face, that won’t cut it.

Today, it takes something more to get lots of prospects buying.

So what is that “something more”?


You want to set-up your offers so they demonstrate superiority to competitor’s offers… present functional, emotional and dimensionalized benefits for each feature… and make saying “yes” easy; a no-brainer.

Do this… without changing anything else in your funnel… and you’ll see more sales and make more money. Mark my words.

* For a step-by-step walk-thru to set-up your own S.I.N. OFFER, go here.


Todd 🙂