How Do You Get Your Prospects’ Attention In A Crowded Market?

To Attract More Prospects, Learn To Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

There’s a bunch of different ways or really a couple of different ways that you can differentiate in marketing.

Number one, right off the bat, you could show up differently, that’s how I like to describe it.

To attract the right prospects to your business, be different from your competitors.
Be different and stand out to your perfect prospects. Seriously.

Showing up differently means that the way your competitors look and feel, the way they’re marketing, the way they’re advertising, the way their sales page is, the way their marketing page is, the way their branding is being done, the way that looks –

You could show up differently.

You could look different.

So there’s this idea out there that you want to look and see what everybody else is doing…

What all of your competitors are doing…

What their pages look like…

What their videos look like…

What their ads look like…

And you want to model, you want to kind of follow their lead.

Well I would encourage you to do the opposite.

Opposite = Attraction

And the reason why you want to do the opposite is because –

If you follow what everybody else is doing, not only do you get the results that everybody else is getting, but you look exactly like them.

And what ends up happening over time, as more and more marketers, as more and more entrepreneurs are using the same type of web pages, are using the same type of ad templates, is that the marketplace begins to recognize them for what they are.

The marketplace begins to look at those things as marketing, as selling, as ads.

And then, when they come across your ad, your email, your web page, they recognize it immediately for what it is, and that is a marketing and sales piece.

You don’t want your prospects to identify you as someone trying to sell them something.

And so the first way to differentiate is by showing up differently.

Differentiation is key for getting prospects' attention.
Different. Like this picture of me discussing my favorite form of differentiation.

The second way, and really my favorite, but also the more difficult of the two ways, is to differentiate your marketing message by coming up with a different idea behind your message – by having a different theme right?

Not just trying to take the same headline and swap out a word, an adjective or an adverb.

Not just trying to write a better headline than your competitor, but –

Having a different idea…

A different story angle…

A different perspective…

A different twist on something that they’ve already heard before.

So the idea itself becomes the differentiator for you and your marketing.

“Next Level” Prospect Attraction

And if you really want to take things to another level, to really get attention, to really create engagement, to really generate sales, you would differentiate with both.

You would show up differently with a different idea.

And when you do that, watch as your sales shoot through the roof.

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