How does one go from zero to over $300,0000 a month in sales?

I’ll tell you what I taught David, in just a second.

Fact is: Most entrepreneurs will never see revenue like this. Annualized, it’s over $3.5 million a year.

Why won’t most ever hit this level?

Because most never learn how to engineer a legit marketing message which converts masses of cold prospects into buyers.

Sure, lots of online entrepreneurs and marketers have learned how to set-up a funnel, publish pages, write a headline, present upsells, etc. All stuff that certainly can help produce an ordinary amount of sales.

But, most online entrepreneurs and marketers have never been taught the most critical conversion skill… the skill mandatory if you want to put up big money — how to communicate a message which produces demand for a product and drives large throngs of prospects to buy.

This is what the E5 Method takes care of; what’s detailed in this free video training.

But, let me share one piece of the puzzle with you here — what I shared with David; a big piece of how he rocketed to $300,000 in sales a month.

Here it is:

The marketing campaigns which put up the biggest numbers and produce the biggest volume of new customer sales are the ones which present prospects with a Unique Mechanism.

Today, prospects want to know HOW your product or service works. And they want to see if the HOW is different from what they’ve tried, or been offered, before.

Yes, you need to tell them what your product or service does, the benefits. But, you also need to tell them how your product or service does it, the mechanism.

To put up big money, you want to present a Unique Mechanism.

And, YES, your product or service has one. You just need to identify it, name it, then properly explain it in your marketing.

Armed with your Unique Mechanism, you have the seed of a marketing message which spurs a deep level of hope within prospects.

Hope, that your Unique Mechanism — something they’ve never been offered before — is the thing which will finally give them the benefits they want.

And it’s this hope which can drive big, big numbers of prospects to buy.

Regular, typical marketing funnels won’t do that. No.

Campaigns engineered around identifying a Unique Mechanism do.

Kudos to David for understanding that and taking action!

Now, how bout you? 🙂


Todd 🙂