How Long Should Your Marketing Campaign Be?

How Long Should My Marketing Funnel Be?

I’m often asked, “How long should my marketing campaign be? When should I stop following-up with prospects about a particular offer?”

3 days?

5 days?

10 days?


Well, there is no one-size fits all answer.

You should stop following-up with prospects about a particular offer when you no longer have anything new to say or share about it.

Meaning: If all you have left to say is “Buy, buy, buy” it’s time to end the campaign.

You don’t want to be someone who hammers your tribe over and over with sales message after sales message.

Instead, get creative with new reasons to message them.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Explain a different product benefit
  • Share a new customer case study
  • Demonstrate a different product feature
  • Remind prospects of their current pain and need for your offer
  • Share a new expert endorsement
  • Offer an added bonus
  • Give a new piece of education-based-marketing content
  • Elaborate on your main product promise
  • Explain your guarantee or risk-reversal proposition
  • Address a possible purchasing concern or objection
  • Remind prospects of the deadline or reason for urgency
  • Share your product discovery story
  • Remind prospects of the full offer

Again, don’t just hammer them with sales messages.

Have different reasons for why you’re following-up.

And when you no longer do, end the campaign and move on to something else.