How Marketing Changed Everything For Me

Good Marketing Has A Positive Impact On Your Business

You know, it’s funny, man because I am really this kid from New Jersey.

I struggled in school…

I was diagnosed with a learning disability…

I wasn’t sure if I was going to graduate High school.

It took me six years to get a four year college degree.

I had to start with community school, every college that I applied to, out of High school, said “No.”

And, I have seen the impact that good marketing can have on a business owner, on an entrepreneur, and how that impact can carry over.

So for me, seeing that impact and really recognizing what its done for my kids, thank God, my two daughters, my wife, me and whatnot.

I so desperately want other entrepreneurs to get it.

Feeling Good Doing Good

To understand that with the right marketing approach, with the right marketing message, with the right strategy –

You can do great things with your business and feel good doing it.

And not have to do anything sleazy, and not have to do anything slimy, and not have to operate in a way that doesn’t represent you.

Do something good so you can lay your head on your pillow at night, and feel great about it while you are achieving tremendous success.

And so everything that I do and put together, everything that we do and put together at MFA stems from that desire for others to experience that.

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