I.P.P Murdering Your Conversions?

Is imprecise prospect perspective (IPP) murdering your conversions?

IPP happens when a marketing funnel is built without taking into consideration the current feelings, perspective, attitude, and beliefs that prospects have toward their current circumstance, or problem.

When any element of your promotion (your tone, your language, your verbiage, your copy, your promise, or your story) contradicts your prospect’s feelings when they enter your funnel, that’s imprecise prospect perspective…

Because, if you want a high converting marketing funnel, you need to understand the dominant resident emotion of your prospects.

What is the main emotion that prospects are experiencing as it relates to the problem that your product or service addresses?

All of the copy throughout your marketing funnel MUST be aligned with the current emotional state of your prospect as it relates to the theme of your message…

In its most simplistic form, you really just need to understand; are your prospects experiencing a positive emotion or a negative emotion?

In most cases, because we’re ideally addressing an urgent, pressing problem, there’s going to be some negative emotion associated with the situation they’re dealing with.

Are they experiencing despair?






Your copy needs to be aligned with that current emotional state, as it relates to the theme of your message.

Let me give you an example to demonstrate what that looks like…

Let’s say that we’re selling an information product about how to maintain your wealth while the economy continues in a downward spiral.

We know that the individual coming into that type of marketing funnel is experiencing worry, concern, and fear.

They have fear of losing their wealth…

Fear of losing their retirement account…

Fear of retiring broke…

Or, maybe they have fear of living on a much smaller fixed income and having their lifestyle get scaled way, way back.

The theme of that marketing funnel obviously can’t be happy-go-lucky, positive, and hope-driven (at least not initially) because it contradicts the prospect’s current perspective!

Your copy and your theme must be aligned with the current emotional state of your prospect or you’ll lose them.

That’s the mindset you need to have if you want to build a high converting marketing funnel.

So right now, consider the marketing campaign you’re working on…

What is the dominant emotion you have woven into your message and are building on?

Does that emotion align with what your prospects are naturally feeling when they think about this particular need/issue that your product addresses?

If not, go back and re-evaluate your message using I.P.P. because matching the emotion of your marketing message to your prospect’s emotion will make your message resonate… increasing your conversion rates.