I’m getting into the movie business. You coming?

I’m going to Hollywood, baby!

Stars, paparazzi, red carpet events… I’m in.

Who knows… maybe even an Academy Award. Or two.

That’s right…

I’m getting into the movie business!

At least that’s what I was told the other day while at Regal Cinemas.

Todd Brown Big Marketing Idea Book

We were early. About 15 minutes or so.

The girls and Kel and I were armed with popcorn and mini Twix bars. Ready to see a little Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Jumanji.

Nowadays, before the slew of coming attractions begin, there are usually pre-roll advertisements playing on the screen.

This day was no different.

First up, a local dentist trying to rustle up some patients. A Dr. Ansley or something. Typical name, rank, and serial number advertisement.

Then, an attorney in some oversized cowboy hat letting us know “the law is now on your side, pardner” or something stupid like that.

And let’s not forget the Tire Kingdom deal: “accurate tire inflation” with every set of new tires.

As if without this deal they’d tell us, “Alright, off you go to fill your own new tires with air. We can do it, but it won’t be accurate. Not without our movie coupon.”

Oh boy.

So many wasted advertising dollars.


The Grand Invitation

“How’d you like to get into the movie business,” the next ad began. “Now’s your chance.”

Whoa… what’s this, I thought to myself.

Hmmm. Me in the movie biz? Interesting.

The ad continued…

“That’s right… here at Regal Cinemas we offer exciting employment opportunities, a friendly environment, room for growth, and a great way to step into the movie business.”

Huh? What?…

A job at Regal Cinemas?…

That’s what they meant by “get into the movie business”?

Oh, geez.

So disappointed.

Yet so impressed!

From Ordinary To Big Marketing Idea

It was a perfect example of Transubstantiation in action — a tool of the savviest of marketers.

In this context, transubstantiation being defined as: turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

A job at Regal Cinemas is… well… run of the mill, boring, ordinary.

A chance to “get into the movie business” is cool, exciting, extraordinary.

Same underlying offer of both — a job at the movie theater.

But, a totally different angle taken.

And not a lie. Just a different way of looking at an employment opportunity at the theater.

One — a job — an ordinary idea.
The other — getting in the “biz” — an extraordinary idea (in this context).

See: Getting into the movie business is a dramatized way of expressing the ordinary idea of getting a job at the movie theater.

And it’s savvy. Especially from a marketing perspective.

Here’s why…

Acquire and Monetize

Most marketing is boring. Absent of any drama.

The way the products and services are presented makes them feel ordinary, plain, blah.

Most marketing is selling the steak, not the sizzle — the job at the theater, not the entrance into the movie biz.

This is a mistake.

Your job, when marketing, is to transubstantiate the ordinary into the extraordinary.

To turn a “small piece of tenderloin from a steer carcass”… into… a “melt-in-your mouth, butter-like filet mignon that’ll leave you feeling like royalty.”

See: Your job is to present your product or service to the marketplace with a new angle… a new story… a new viewpoint.

Something cool… different… new… compelling.

When marketing, add some friggin’ drama. Some excitement. Some mystery.

Make people want to care. Make ’em pay attention.

Turn “You need to check your bag before boarding the plane cause our overhead compartments are filled”… into… “Let our Planeside Baggage Valets care for your bag while you’re in the air.” (From Delta)

You see what I’m saying?

Your job is to turn an ordinary marketing idea into a Big Marketing Idea.


You can be the job at the movie theater…

Or you can be the entrance into the movie business.

You choose.

Talk soon,
Todd 🙂