Losing Conversions By Speaking Greek To Prospects?

Just one or two wrong words can kill your conversions…

I’m talking about Mistaken Prospect Languaging, and it happens when you use incorrect verbiage or jargon in your marketing.

A simple example of this is if you were speaking to doctors…

Instead of referring to patients as patients, you refer to them as clients…

That is an example of incorrect verbiage or incorrect jargon.

Your language, the verbiage, jargon, language, words, and phrases that you use, must not only convey understanding and empathy, but your language must also…

Demonstrate that you have insider knowledge! 

By using the proper jargon, you show that you’re a member of your prospect’s “club”.

You’re a member of their market.

You understand their market, and therefore you “get” them.

Because using incorrect verbiage, jargon, or phraseology immediately kills your credibility.

It immediately conveys to the marketplace that “you are not one of us and you don’t know what you’re talking about” because you’re using the wrong phrase, the wrong jargon, the wrong verbiage, and the wrong language.

You might as well be speaking Greek to them.

Remember to be careful with jargon because it can be nuanced

For example, in the internet marketing (IM) community there are different terms and phrases that aren’t necessarily as accepted in the broader mainstream world of e-commerce.

In the IM community, marketers might refer to an opt-in page as a squeeze page…

So, if you craft a marketing funnel for the broader e-commerce space and refer to it as a squeeze page, that immediately raises a red flag conveying that you’re an outsider…

You are not part of the community because you’re not using the right language.

Notice that it only takes one single word!

Again, strive to use the words, phrases, terms, and expressions that the market recognizes immediately and instantly as their own.

Also, when possible, use off-hand references or allude to people, places, and/or things that are familiar to the market insiders, that are familiar to the folks in your marketplace.

You can refer to places, conferences, magazines, books, speakers, authorities.

Mentioning those things throughout your marketing funnel gives you credibility…

It gives you credibility, making your prospects feel as if you are one of them and you get them.

When you do this, their trust level for you goes up and your credibility in their eyes immediately goes up.

Ultimately, this has a massive influence on their desire to spend money with you.

So… are you 100% certain that you’re using the correct verbiage and jargon in your marketing funnel?

I guarantee you’ll see a boost in conversions when you start using the words your prospects recognize as their own.