Why Marketing is NOT the Same as Selling

I don’t like selling…

There’s a massive difference between marketing and selling.

Being a great salesperson doesn’t mean you’re a great marketer.

Being a great marketer doesn’t mean you are a great salesperson.

Most of the best marketers I know personally that I have friendships with are usually excellent marketeers… but they’re not phenomenal salesmen. I think my buddy Russell Brunson (founder of ClickFunnels) is an exception to that, I think that he’s a great marketer AND a great salesperson.

But for me, I just don’t like the hardcore selling.

Fortunately I am a pretty good marketer and I can funnel enough desire (no pun intended).

I can stimulate enough desire so that prospects want what I’m offering, whether it’s one of our own products at MFA or for a client, without having to sell hard.

What’s the difference between marketing and selling when they’re both done right?


Selling is all about the product, the company, it’s all about the product’s features, advantages, benefits. It’s all about the offer, the risk reversal, the guarantee, the premiums, bonuses, the price, and the terms.

It’s everything to do with the product or service, the company providing the product or service, or the offer/deal.


Marketing is really all about the prospect, it’s all about the prospect’s needs, wants, desires.

The prospect’s situation, the prospect’s choices, the prospect’s obstacles or desires, fears, emotions, andĀ feelings. The job of marketing, like Peter Drucker, one of the greatest management gurus of all time, said…

“The job of marketing is to make selling superfluous. It’s to make selling unnecessary.”

You’ve got to realize that if there wasn’t a difference between those two activities, how could one make the other unnecessary?

The reality is that the better you are at marketing, the easier the sales portion is.

When you are marketing the right way using what we call education-based marketing content (EBM) you’re able to deliver value to the prospect.

You’re able to educate them in a way that establishes certain beliefs, shaping their frame and changing their perspective.

You’re able to educate them in a way that increases their desire for the thing that you are offering even before you offer it so that you don’t have to hard pitch, you don’t have to hard close, you don’t have to rely on scarcity or urgency or these psychological triggers (AKA high-pressure sales tactics).

Not that there’s not value in using those things ethically, but when you market the right way, when you’re truly doing GOOD marketing, you don’t have to rely on those tactics.

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