MEPS: How Follow-up Drives Follow Through…

This should be obvious…

But a lot of folks need this spelled out for them:

Following up with prospects who aren’t engaging with your content is key for conversion growth.

A significant portion of our sales comes from prospects who we had to strategically activate at the top of our marketing funnel…

This can take time, but if done wisely, these low-hanging fruits can be harvested for huge gains in revenue.

This strategy is called “non-responder follow-up”, which I’ll break down for you with some hypotheticals…

Hopefully, you have prospects in your marketing funnel that are actively clicking on the links in your email, watching videos, or downloading your PDFs.

Whether you have tons of active prospects or very few, we all have prospects in our lists or marketing funnels that don’t click or engage with content they requested, right?

What’s critical to note is that non-responders should NOT be communicated with the same way as engaged responders!

Not only should non-responders not be communicated with the same, they also shouldn’t be even communicated within the same timeframe.

People that are actively engaged with your content, consuming your videos, and clicking your stuff should be moved through your funnel based on their engagement.

Those consuming video one today should get video two tomorrow, etc.

Non-responders should not be moved along with that same timeframe until they are engaged.

To properly engage these non-responders, lack of engagement with your marketing funnel content should trigger a separate sequence and messaging.

This is that what’s known as multiple engagement pads and sequences or MEPS.

MEPS is basically just dynamic funnel sequencing or, in other words, messaging dictated by the behavior and the actions of prospects.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you have a list of 10,000 people on your email list and you send out an email…

Now imagine 5,000 of those 10,000 people don’t open the email.

Then out of the 5,000 that did open the email 2,500 click the link.

Even further, out of the 2,500 that clicked only 1,000 of them purchased something.

Most novice marketers will just blast everyone with the same email… But the reality is, you now have FOUR segments:

1. Customers

2. People that click the link and didn’t buy

3. People that open the email and didn’t click

4. People that just didn’t open the email

You’d be sacrificing conversions by not sending out another communication to all those four segments the next day, right?

So, what’s the next move?

Often what we do for emails here at MFA is we will continue over several days to segment out the non-opens.

Once we get the results on how an email performed, the next day we’re going to send out a distinct type of communication to non-opens, the ones that opened but didn’t click, and the people that clicked but didn’t buy.

That may sound complicated, but today there are technologies like Infusionsoft that allow you to automate these dynamic funnels based on prospect behavior.

There’s no excuse for neglecting to follow up with non-responders based on how much or how little they’ve engaged with your funnel.

There’s a huge amount of revenue sitting on your table…

Just engineer your follow-up sequences wisely and watch more prospects turn into customers!