My Minimalist Trick For Achieving Massive Goals

I’ve read virtually every recognized book on goal-setting…

I’ve tried all kinds of software applications…

It really wasn’t until I made this shift that the goal achieving process became manageable and successful for me.

You might have a list of 20, or 30, or 80 things that you want to achieve in your life that you’d love to have come about.

You might want to travel to Venice, travel to Israel, speak Italian, speak Greek, or jump out of an airplane.

You might have all of those things…

But the reality is that in order to achieve a goal, it requires commitment and focus

And the more goals that you add, the more difficult it becomes to stay committed.

So, here’s what I do:

I set four goals for the year.

That’s it.

The key is, you’re looking for the one domino that if you achieved it, would have a massive impact on everything else…

It’s like looking at your business and saying “we’ve got these five problems”…

Well, is there one thing that would knock out ALL five of those problems?

Because rather than focus on all, five we should focus on that one.

I go through a similar process when it comes to goals…

And I look at these four categories:

1. Health
2. Wealth
3. Personal Development
4. Benefiting Others

I look for that ONE goal that would have the biggest impact on all the other things I desire in that category.

Now this might sound controversial…

This goes against a lot of what people teach when it comes to goal setting, but I believe in it strongly…

I look for activity goals versus outcome goals.

Because an outcome goal is the result of certain actions.

For example:

“Lose 10 pounds.” That’s an outcome goal.

“Burn 50,000 calories.” That’s an activity goal.

The activity goal is an indicator because it leads to something else.

I focus on the things that are directly within my control, like how many workouts I can have in a year, or how many books I read, or how much time I spend reading every day.

Fact is, I don’t have control over how quickly my brain adapts, learns, or masters something…

But, I do have control over the activity.

Once you’ve chosen your top four goals, write down each goal in the present tense as if you’ve already achieved it.

Finally, take 60 seconds every single day to review and read your four goal statements. Be sure to envision the realization of your goal.

Picture it in your mind…

Picture what it looks like, what it feels like, what your experience will be once you’ve reached your goal.

Bring the achievement of your goal into reality. Now.

Smell it, taste it. Leverage as many different senses as you can.

So… what goal gets you juiced up when you think about it?

2018 is coming to a close and this is the time to set your goals.

If you haven’t done it already, take a few minutes to do this exercise today. You’ll be glad you did.