No One Cares About Your “5 Steps To _____”

The Big Mistake Entrepreneurs Make Marketing Their Products

So let’s say you sell an information product right now, some type of training program…

And maybe you have, as part of your training program, you’ve got five steps to X, seven steps to X, maybe it’s the seven steps to Facebook advertising.

Well, what you want to do, is you want to take those seven steps and you want to –

Turn them into a framework.

Attract prospects and turn them into customers by creating a proprietary framework.
Create a framework that attracts prospects and holds their attention.

And really, the thing for you to understand is, I’m not talking about changing the seven steps, I’m not talking about you adding in content, I’m not talking about you doing really anything more with those seven steps.

I’m talking about the packaging.

I’m talking about the way that you refer to those seven steps, I’m talking about the way that you offer those seven steps.

See, the thing that you have to understand is that, something like “seven steps to successful Facebook advertising” is really just marketing a commodity.

You are really educating your prospects on Facebook advertising.

They could go over to YouTube and do a search for “seven steps to Facebook advertising.”

They could find a book that has steps to Facebook advertising.

You never want to market a commodity.

You don’t want to turn your knowledge, your expertise, your methodology into a commodity.

Instead, you want to offer a framework.

You want to –

Turn Your Knowledge And Expertise Into A Proprietary Framework

You want to put them under the umbrella of a framework that you name.

See, it’s very different, right?

Let your competitors in this example, if you were selling a Facebook advertising, let your competitors talk about how to do better Facebook advertising, which is a commodity.

Let them talk about different ways to use Facebook advertising.

That’s a commodity.

You name your framework and teach your framework, so that you eliminate competition.

See, when you are educating folks on why they can get results from Facebook with your methodology, in this example, your framework, your named process, you eliminate competitors, right?

You’re no longer talking about Facebook advertising when your competitors are.

You’re no longer allowing for an apples to apples comparison.

You’re now creating an apples to oranges comparison, and that’s something that you want to do.

A proprietary framework makes you stand out to your prospects.

You want to be able to say, in this example, you want to be able to say, if you’re looking for just Facebook advertising tips and tricks, you could go to YouTube, you could go to Google and get that.

But if you’re looking to use and learn and implement and benefit from the XYZ framework, then here is what you need to do now.

So take your tips, turn it into a framework, but you don’t have to change anything.

Give it a name and teach your marketplace the benefits of your framework.

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