Odd prospect question you MUST answer

If I asked you the following question, could you answer it?

“How does your product or service work to deliver results?”

Not, what will it do for me. Not, benefits.

But, HOW does it deliver the main benefits you’re promising?

You MUST answer this question in your marketing.

And answer it correctly if you hope to generate a sale.

Avoid or ignore the question in your marketing, choosing to focus exclusively on benefits, benefits, benefits… and your sales will suffer. Big time.



Today, your prospects are inundated with sales pitches galore. They’re hit over the head every day with advertising claims and overhyped promises.

You know this is true; you see all the ads on Facebook, Google, Amazon, and most of the other websites you visit.

So, odds are, whatever you’re promising your prospect… whatever benefits you’re telling them they can have with your product or service… they’ve already heard it.

So, relying solely on benefits and claims and promises to sell your product or service does nothing to differentiate your offer. And does nothing to make prospects want your thing over all the other options.

Today, what your prospects want to know is HOW your product or service delivers the benefits. HOW does it work.

And, more importantly: Is the HOW different from what they’ve already seen and heard.

Meaning: Your prospects aren’t compelled to buy from just promises.

They’re compelled to buy when they see you have a different way of fulfilling those promises.

That different way… that HOW… is what we call your Unique Mechanism.

And EVERY product or service can be presented with a Unique Mechanism. Yes, EVERY product or service.

And, the beauty is…

Once you’ve identified your Unique Mechanism, and named it, setting-up a marketing funnel that converts is simple.

Because, the Unique Mechanism is what makes your promises and claims and benefits exciting. Because, now, with a Unique Mechanism, your prospects view your offer as something new. Something different. Something fresh.

It’s a beautiful thing.

So, I encourage you to follow this system for setting-up your marketing this way.

Here’s a no-cost web class which walks you thru the 5-step process for doing it.

If you get what I just shared with you in this email, you’re going to love how the web class fills in the details for you.


Todd 🙂

P.S. If you present your product or service as a commodity… or… let prospects view it as no different from everything else out there, you’ll continue to be disappointed with your marketing results.

You won’t have that problem after this web class. And it’s FREE. 🙂