Peeping Customers Buy More

Bump Offer

“The chance to peep and be a voyeur will drive new customers to spend more with you.”

I shared that with a client while in Baltimore a few weeks ago.

The room was filled with about a dozen marketers, copywriters, and media buyers.

We were discussing how to best increase the take-rate on their bump offers. 

(FYI: A bump offer is an extra offer on an order form which the customer can add to their transaction with a checkbox.)

I’m a big, big believer in having a bump offer on the order form of every customer acquisition marketing campaign. When used correctly, it can recoup a nice chunk of ad costs with little effort.

“First, the best performing bump offers are almost always positioned and priced as an impulse purchase,” I said. “Think of it like the rack of snacks on the checkout line at the grocery store.”

These offers perform best when they don’t require your customer to go back into decision-making mode.

Ideally, you want your bump offer to be priced as a small percentage of the main product. Yet, be valuable enough to offer a lopsided value proposition for the customer.

“Second, anytime you create bump offers which give your customers a chance to look behind the curtain and get a peek at something personal an expert does, uses, says, etc., they tend to pull really well.”

People are voyeuristic by nature.

We love the idea of seeing what a doctor does when she doesn’t feel well… where a financial planner invests his money… what routine a fitness trainer follows, etc.

Bump offers which include these things do well.

“Did your financial expert go to Warren Buffet’s annual Berkshire meeting?” I asked my client. “If so, include a copy of his personal, hand-written notes in the bump offer. Financial newsletter buyers would eat that up.”

There are lots of ways to leverage this voyeuristic desire within your customers.

Give it some thought.

Then test it as a bump offer. Or as an upsell. Or even as a bonus with your main product.

(Note: I walk you thru how to roll-out, test, and optimize a profitable bump offer in Module 7 of the E5 CAMP Masterclass. It’s part of the Enhancing Stage.)