Persuasion Secrets Behind Our High Converting Email Sequences

Part 1

Today I want to show you how we get prospects to buy using high converting email sequences.

I will outline the exact process for you… the types of emails we send, and the purpose behind each email.

First, in Part 1 of this series, I want to give you a little insight into how we structure the typical offer follow-up sequence.

You’ll see what our emails are typically focusing on in the offer follow-up.

Then, in Part 2 of this series, we’ll break down the simple 5P Framework that we use during the intensification sequence.

Later on, I’m going to show you some examples of the winning emails that really drive sales, revenue, and profits.

The Follow-Up Email Sequence

Important: regardless of what type of marketing campaign model you are using, whether you’re using a multi-part video sequence, a simple video sales letter, an evergreen webinar or a live webinar… you are following up with individuals that have already seen the offer.

Email #1: Features, benefits, risk reversal

1. The very first email that we send out focuses on the offer. It focuses on the features and benefits, and the risk reversal.

It just reminds them really of the the offer and the benefits of the offer. Very simple, very straightforward email. Learn the specific formula we use to time email delivery here.

Email #2: The Big Transformation

2. The next email that we send now 24 hours later focuses on the big promise or the big payoff, the big transformation.

The main reason why a prospect would be purchasing your product or service.  What’s the outcome that they want? What’s the big transformation, the big change?

REMEMBER: Your prospects are either dealing with some sort of painproblem, issue, or obstacle standing in their way from getting the result that they want.

Email #3: Removal of The Problem

This third email has the opposite approach from the second email. Email number three focuses on the problem. In this email we use the classic direct response model: problem, agitate, solve.


As a marketer, you know that people are motivated generally by two things; they’re motivated by the achievement of pleasure or the experience of pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

This third email focuses on the latter.

Email #4: The “FAQ” Email

The fourth email that we send out as part of the offer follow up sequence is typically in FAQ, and typically we’ll focus on three questions.

Here are examples of questions we might use in the email (see if you can spot the nuance of the way these questions are structured):

“How fast can I expect to see results?” 

“How quickly will my lawn become full and thick and green?”

“Can I really get my money back any time?”

If you didn’t catch the nuance, go here for more detail on how I structure these questions that drives sales.

These four emails make up our typical offer follow up sequence. That’s IT. Simple.

If at any time a prospect buys, they get removed from this sequence and they get put into the customer thank you sequence.

But immediately after the offer follow-up sequence, that’s when we plug folks into the intensification sequence.

And the way that I want you to think of the intensification sequence is it simply intensifies the offer and intensifies the desire for the offer.

In Part 2, I’ll show you the 5P Formula we use to craft powerful intensification sequences that get prospects whipping out their wallets.

If you want more…

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