It’s truly amazing how one single letter in your headline or copy can completely alter the success of your sales funnel.


Let me give you one example of how one letter… accidentally put into a headline… bumped response by about 300%.

Years ago, there was an advertisement selling cassette tapes. The headline of the ad read, “Put Music In Your Life”.

When the ad was run again, an extra letter was accidentally put into the headline. The extra letter was an ‘S’, making the headline, “Puts Music In Your Life”.

And that one change nearly tripled response.

Why Does Pluralizing The Verb In Your Sales Funnel Produce Such Big Bumps In Response?

Because the original headline, “Put Music In Your Life” promises a benefit based on an action the prospect needs to take. In this case, the prospect needs to “put” something or do something to have music in their life.

With the addition of the letter ‘S’, and changing the word to “Puts”, the headline then conveyed the idea that the work is done for the prospect and the benefit is delivered to the prospect by the product. And, anytime in your sales funnels you can show prospects how the work in achieving the desirable outcome is done for them, or how the product delivers the benefits without requiring much effort on the prospect’s part, your response rates will almost shoot up.

Here’s the simple key to make this work in your own sales funnel:

Take the main verb in your big promise or big benefit statement and simply make it plural.

For instance, if your big benefit is, “Strip 12 Pounds Of Fat In 12 Days”… simply change it to, “Strips 12 Pounds Of Fat In 12 Days”, or “Removes 12 Pounds Of Fat In 12 Days”, or “Melts 12 Pounds Of Fat In 12 Days”.

Easy, right?

Again, the whole premise behind why this is such a powerful response booster in your sales funnel is because it makes the prospect feel as if the work is being done for them by the product, service, system, etc.