Show Prospects These 4 Things And They’ll Buy

Show Prospects These 4 Things And They'll Buy

With the myriad of “marketing formulas” available to the modern marketer, what’s often forgotten are the answers to four simple, but critical questions.

These MUST be communicated if your aim is to get prospects buying:

QUESTION #1: “Alright, so what does it do?”

What’s the big promise or pay-off or transformation offered by your product?

The answer is not just what your prospects want to know, it’s what they ultimately use to determine whether they should even care about what you have to say.

The result your product produces is the single most critical piece of information you need to communicate. And you need to do it with flair.

Don’t only communicate the core promise and benefits; paint a picture for them of what life will be like once they act on your offer.

QUESTION #2: “Yeah, yeah… how does it work?”

Today, because of the volume of competing marketing, offers, and claims; your prospects don’t only want to know what your product will do for them. They also want to know HOW it will do it.

In other words: How does your product work to deliver the promised results; what is the mechanism?

The majority of your market have been inundated with other products and claims. They’ve seen it all. And they want to know what makes your product different.

This is why the most effective marketing campaigns present and demonstrate a Unique Mechanism — the unique way your product works to give the prospect the results they’re after.

As you can learn in the E5 Masterclass, once you’ve identified and named your Unique Mechanism — and every product or service has one — the bulk of your marketing message just has to communicate how it works.

Doing so differentiates your product from everything else available, gives your prospects hope and excitement, and stimulates buying desire. All good stuff.

QUESTION #3: “But why not something else?”

Why should your prospects choose your product over every other option, including doing nothing?

You want to communicate all the benefits prospects will experience, including the added benefits which can only be experienced with your Unique Mechanism.

This is what ensures your prospects understand, in no uncertain terms, why they should choose your product.

QUESTION #4: “It’s cool if I do it later though, right?”

“Delay is the death of the sale,” the saying goes. And it’s true.

Unless you give your prospects powerful reasons to respond right now, most will procrastinate. And most of the procrastinators will never buy.

This goes way beyond the mere urgency and scarcity of your offer.

Show prospects what they stand to gain by responding now, and what they stand to lose if they don’t.

Focus on them escaping the pain of their present circumstance — the reason that drove them to engage with your marketing in the first place — and paint a dramatic picture of what life will be like with your product.


Just think of it like this:

* What does it do?
* How does it work?
* Why this?
* Why now?


Make sense?


Remember, in addition to your Big Marketing Idea, the correct campaign lead type, and a S.I.N. Offer — all key pieces you can learn inside the E5 Masterclass — be sure you’ve clearly answered these four questions.

They’re non-negotiables if you want a high-converting marketing message.


TB 🙂

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