Smart Marketers Don’t Get Married

What feels good… and what’s best for us… are not always the same.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be vigilant with who and what you fall in love with…

Because the wrong marriage can kill your business.

At some point or another, we almost all become infatuated with some marketing method, tactic, or strategy.

We see some “guru” using a certain page layout… a different marketing approach… or a new pricing strategy… and we fall head over heels for it.

We like the way it looks. The way it sounds. The feeling of hope we get when we think of it in our own business.

“If Mr. Guru is using it and raving about it, it must be good for me as well,” we think.

And in an instant our new darling becomes the solution to all that ails us.

So we run hard with it. Make the best attempt at implementing it in our own business. And wait for it to reciprocate our newfound love.

But it almost never does.

Because we’ve married the wrong marketing partner.

Results Over Comfort

Smart marketers understand… there’s often a chasm between what we want to see perform well and what actually performs well.

The two are not always the same.

The gorgeous, model-like VSL we’ve put together and fallen in love with… may bomb.

The ugly, frumpy long-form sales letter version we secretly hope won’t work well — cause we don’t feel it “suits our brand” — may knock it out of the park.

What we like or prefer… or are attracted to… is irrelevant. 

Our beloved page layout… marketing model… pricing strategy… ALL… insignificant

Smart marketers are willing to put their wishes aside for what actually works.

What works… is the only thing we should care about.

Smart marketers put function over formresults over comfort.

The webinar we love hosting… that doesn’t convert well… we dump it.

The plain video sales letter we didn’t believe was right for us… that does convert well… we keep around.

It doesn’t matter what we like, what we’re comfortable with, or what we pictured ourselves ending up with.

Results are the only thing that counts with marketing.

And, what works for us and our core competencies… our product… and our market… may not be what we were hoping for.

Smart marketers are able to say, “So be it.”

Good For The Goose May NOT Be Good For The Gander

As well, the marketing tactics, strategies, and methods adored by Mr. Guru… may NOT be right for us or our business.

Mr. Guru may have skills we don’t, abilities we don’t, talent we don’t.

He may have prospects which are more sophisticated. Or older. Or younger. Or smarter. Or dumber.

He may have tech we don’t, a reputation we don’t, and a backend strategy we don’t.

Who knows.

Point is… don’t fall in love with something simply because someone else said it’s the bees knees. Or because you find it sexy.

Only fall in love with what works for you. What produces results.

Focus on that. Find that. Fall in love with that!

Ignore everything and everyone else.

That’s what smart marketers do.

Todd 🙂

P.S. Despite already taking this metaphor way, way too far…

I just have to say:

If you don’t grab your copy of my new book right now, I may have to begin contemplating divorce.

Don’t make me tell my mother how you’re treating me and my new book. 🙂