Smart Marketers Do This Now When Promising Anything

It’s no longer enough to just promise your prospects a slew of benefits in your marketing.

Prospects have evolved…

And your marketing needs to evolve as well.

Today, because prospects are pounded with advertising and marketing messages, they want to know more than just WHAT your product or service can do for them.

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They want to know HOW it’s going to do it for them. HOW it’s going to give them the result they want.

The HOW is the mechanism.

The WHAT is the promise.

Having a bold promise used to be the big differentiator in marketing.

Today that’s no longer the case. Because, today, the majority of marketing is also filled with promises, benefit statements, and product claims.

So, unless you’re promising your prospects a result they’ve never been offered before… something nobody else has ever promised them… relying on your promise to be the differentiator amongst a sea of product options is no longer effective.

Think about your own experience…

Imagine coming across a marketing campaign about getting more website traffic.

If all it did was promise you more visitors to your website, you’d likely think, “Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard that already. “

To be even reasonably compelling you’d want to hear more about HOWit works to get you more website traffic.

And you’d want to see if the HOW is something different.

And this is why, today, the mechanism… the HOW… is the big differentiator in all marketing.

When shared correctly, you create a strong buying desire within your prospects whenever you tell them about the mechanism behind HOW your product or service works.

There’s just one key…

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The mechanism you share… the HOW… needs to be a Unique Mechanism.

Meaning: It needs to be viewed as different from how other competing products and services work.

When your prospects believe they can experience an outcome or result they want… with a “mechanism” they’ve never been offered before… you stimulate a strong feeling of hope within them.

Because of the Unique Mechanism, prospects are hopeful your product or service can be the answer they’ve been looking for.

So it creates a strong buying desire within them.

And that’s why having a Unique Mechanism within your marketing produces such a high sales conversion rate.

It’s really a beautiful thing in action.

The best part…

You can easily find and name your own Unique Mechanism no matter what product or service you’re selling. And no matter what price point.

Seriously. Go here and I’ll walk you thru everything. It’s quick.

And, if you’re up for it…

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P.S. As you likely already know: Differentiation in marketing is key.

Your prospects want to hear about something new, unique, and different.

They don’t want more of the same.

And that’s why you want to learn how to find and name your Unique Mechanism.

Because it’ll ensure your marketing stands-out as something exciting and fresh.