Start Every Marketing Message Like This…

The Start Of Any Marketing Campaign, Any Marketing Message Boils Down To One Thing.

The job of that start is to –

Set the emotional hook.

Meaning that, at the beginning of the campaign, at the beginning of a marketing message, the beginning of an ad, the job isn’t to try to appeal to the prospect’s logic, or to appeal to them like on this deep, intellectual level.

Appeal to your prospects’ emotions – especially curiosity.

The job is to set the emotional hook, and the way you do that is really simple.

It is you communicate, you show them that you have a new, unique, different way for them to experience the result that they want.

That’s all that we’re doing in that lead, the first, call it 300, 400, 500 words, or less, if you’re in an in, that’s it.

Your Job Is To Just Set The Emotional Hook In Your Prospect

Your job is to get the prospect at the very beginning to say “Hmmmm… I’m willing to continue forward with this.”

Like, “…that sounds great now prove it to me.”


And the “…prove it to me…” is what we do in the rest of the campaign, but that’s all we’re trying to do.

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