Stop Trying To Market Your Commodities

You never want to market a commodity…

You Always Want To Market Your Own Unique Mechanism…

YOUR proprietary mechanism.

You always want to market your unique mechanism.
YOUR Unique Mechanism helps YOU stand apart from your competitors.

What’s an example of what are we talking about here?

If you’ve put together a supplement that helps lower cholesterol.

Maybe you’ve got a formulation, a combination of nutrients and dosages that you name, you give a name to that formulation that you’ve put together, and that formulation, that formulation the name that you’ve given, is the unique mechanism that brings down cholesterol.

Maybe you sell birthday cakes that are incredibly delicious that you bake at home, and you use a certain recipe, or a certain cooking approach that your grandmother passed down for you, that’s your unique mechanism.

You got a piece of software that helps find missed tax deductions, you’ve got an algorithm in there that helps do that.

That algorithm is the mechanism behind how that software identifies those results.

When you have that, when you identify that, that unique mechanism in your product or service, you create hope in prospects.

And the thing to understand is that for the most part, having a unique mechanism is a marketing invention.

That’s what it is, it’s a marketing invention.

There Are 3 Types Of Unique Mechanisms

The first one is you actually have one – a true unique mechanism.

Your unique mechanism is what makes your product different.
What makes your product or service different is your unique mechanism.

You have a special sauce from the old country on your pizza that makes it so delicious, so that you have a legitimate unique mechanism.

The second one is what we call the unspoken mechanism.

This is where there’s a part or piece or aspect of your product or service that competitors also have in their product or service, but nobody else is talking about it.

Nobody else is talking about it, and so by you talking about it, it becomes perceived in the market place to be your unique mechanism, so the unspoken mechanism.

And then we’ve got what I would call the transubstantiated mechanism, where you’re turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Let’s say you’re teaching, you teach hockey players how to get in shape for the season, and you have a process that you put them through, a seven step process.

Well you name that seven step process, and by naming that seven step process, you have then just created a unique mechanism.

The last thing that I want to say about this, which is the beautiful part, is that –

When you have a unique mechanism, your entire marketing message becomes about getting buy-in on how and why that unique mechanism can deliver the result.

How and why that unique mechanism works to produce the outcome that your market wants. So now you’ve got the ability to just educate, to share, to teach, to show them here is why, and here’s why it’s superior to everything else out on the market.

And so then, by the time you get to the offer, the prospects are bought into it.

They love it man – They want it, and so you’ve created demand for your product without even talking about the product –

Just by educating on the unique mechanism…

And you’ve created this all roads lead to you, because you’re the only one that offers it.

And when done correctly it is magical.

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