The #1 Skill Every Entrepreneur Needs To Have?

Why Is This The #1 Skill All Successful Entrepreneurs Have?

The number one skill for this year –

It’s not what you think I’m going to say.

I believe the number one skill is –

Offer Creation.

Great offer creation overcomes weak marketing.
Great offer creation moves prospects to buy.

The ability to create offers that move people, move the marketplace, to just respond in droves…

An offer that is a no-brainer, an offer that is over-the-top in terms of perceived value, that is a complete offer compared to what’s being offered in the marketplace, and is just brain-dead simple to say yes to.

It’s the number one skill, because an offer,

A Great Offer Can Make Up For Weak Marketing

A great offer, a powerful offer, can make up for weak marketing copy…

Can make up for, really, a basic elementary marketing funnel or campaign.

The analogy or example that I like to give all the time is that if I told you I had two cars to sell for me, and one was a brand-new, gorgeous, Aston Martin, $350,000 car, all the bells and whistles, the whole nine yards, brand new –

An example of a great offer: A 2019 Aston Martin DBS for $40,000
How do you make this 2019 Aston Martin DBS a great offer?

And I also had a beat-up VW Bug or whatever that had no AC and 170,000 miles on it, and some rust and whatnot, and I said –

“Hey, I want you to sell both of these for $40,000 each.”

Well, you know what?

A Great Offer can make up for weak marketing.

You don’t need that much sales skill or marketing skill to sell the Aston Martin for that amount.


Because the offer is so over-the-top, right?

Maybe even too over-the-top, where your biggest issue would be getting people to believe you.

And so, offer creation, offer generation is the most valuable skill set that you can develop this year.

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