The Most Important Question When Marketing?

Everything In Your Marketing Should Be Designed For One Purpose…

Everything that we do, and say, and show, and present in your marketing campaign is designed to do one thing –

And that one thing is establish that marketing thesisis make sure that your prospects have that one belief.

The Big Marketing Idea establishes one belief in your prospect's mind.
The job of your marketing thesis is to establish the “one” belief your prospects need to get them to buy.

See, really, the whole marketing campaign, the marketing message is all about:

  • Creating small beliefs
  • Establishing small beliefs
  • Changing certain beliefs

… One step at a time, so that we lead the prospect, piece-by-piece, to the marketing thesis…

To have that one overarching belief, and when they have that one overarching belief, when you’ve established that one overarching belief in your marketing campaign, before you present the offer –

You’ve significantly increased your likelihood of making a sale.

See, I want you to understand that the job of marketing, as Peter Drucker, one of the greatest management gurus ever, said,

“The Job Of Marketing Is To Make Selling Superfluous”

An effective marketing argument makes selling practically unnecessary.
Effective marketing makes selling practically unnecessary.
(Peter Drucker)

To make selling unnecessary

Meaning that when you’ve designed your marketing message the right way, and you’ve created and established that thesis, and you’ve established that one belief that your prospects need to have –

Selling just becomes you introducing your offer.

And watch how your response rate just goes through the roof.

So, when we’re talking about this one belief, what we’re not talking about, is the belief that your product or service is a great deal…

I’m not talking about the belief that your product or service is the perfect solution to their needs or desires.

No –

What I’m talking about here is the belief that your unique mechanism, which I’ll explain in just one second, your unique mechanism, the mechanism behind your product or service, the mechanism behind how your product or service delivers the end result, delivers the benefit, delivers the promise

That your unique mechanism is the perfect solution to their problem.

So your aim is to get your prospect to believe that the unique mechanism in your product or service –

NOT the product or service, but the unique mechanism in, behind the product or service…

Is the perfect solution for their situation…

Is the perfect solution for their needs…

Because when you’ve gotten the prospect to recognize that the mechanism, the unique mechanism, your unique mechanism, is the perfect solution for their situation –

You have just set up the sale perfectly for your product or service.

Now, all roads lead to you, because your product or service is the only place that the prospect can get that unique mechanism.

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