The One Thing You NEVER Want Your Prospects To Say

If Your Prospects Say This, They’ll Never Become Customers

When designing any kind of ad, email, video sales letter, any kind of marketing message for that matter there’s one thing that you do not want your prospect to think, to say internally.

And that one thing is simple.

That one thing you do not want them to say is –

“Oh, that…”

“Oh, I’ve seen that before.”

Prospect attraction comes from market differentiation
The key to prospect attraction is differentiation.

See, differentiation in marketing, differentiating your message, differentiating your promise, differentiating your mechanism, how your product or service works, differentiation is key.

And if your prospect, if your audience members see your ad, see your email, see your video and they immediately look at it as something that they’ve seen before or heard before, a message that they’ve encountered before they immediately experience this, what we call mental opt-out.

Mental opt-out is when they see something and they say, oh that, oh I’ve seen that before, and they bail.

They see your ad, oh, seen it before, out.

They come across your video, your YouTube video, your video sales letter and they say, “Oh, I’ve heard that before, I’ve seen that before.”

“More of the same, it’s more of what I’ve already experienced,” and so they bail, they leave.

See, it’s critical when designing your marketing message, no matter what, whether it’s an ad, whether it’s an email, whether it’s a long-form sales page, whether it’s a video sales letter you need to –

Demonstrate And Communicate To Your Prospects That You Have Something Different

Want to attract more prospects? Be different.
You or your product must be different to get prospects’ attention.

And in this context what I’m talking about is something different in terms of your message.

The idea, the hook, the theme.

You want to let your prospects see and feel that this is something that they’ve haven’t encountered before.

It’s an idea, it’s a premise, it’s a thesis that they have not come
across before, why?

Because that’s what creates prospect engagement.

That’s what turns attention into engagement, and you need engagement in order to get response.

So look, if you’re not getting your ads clicked on, you’re not getting maybe your emails opened, you’re not seeing the engagement that you want with your video sales letters I would encourage you to look for a better point of differentiation, to look at what the market is doing and saying, what your competitors are already presenting to your audience, to your prospects and find a way to differentiate your message.

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