The ONLY Marketing Metric That Matters…?

The Only Marketing Metric That Matters Is Your Most Valuable Asset

At the foundation of your business success we find customers.

Customers are the life blood of your business and that seems like it’s common sense and it is on some level but I want you to recognize that a customer is –

The most valuable asset within your business.

Customer acquisition is the center of any successful business.
Customer acquisition is the only marketing metric that matters.

It’s more valuable than the building if you operate a brick and mortar.

It’s more valuable than your website.

It’s more valuable than any other asset that you have in your business.

A customer is not only a buyer but somebody that is likely to continue to purchase from you.

So just because an individual bought once doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a customer.

They might be a buyer but a customer is somebody who’s purchased from you and there is a high likelihood that they are going to purchase again.

Our job as entrepreneurs is to create as many customers as possible.

To turn as many prospects into buyers and then continue to maintain an ongoing relationship with those customers, a relationship where we deliver value to them and we get value back in the form of a transaction and you want to take care of your customers.

You want to continue to market to them.

You want to be prolific with offers to them but you want to –

Care For Your Customers. They Are The Life Blood Of Your Business.

Assuming that you’ve got more than one product that you offer to the marketplace, when it comes to customer acquisition, your focus should be break even on the front end.

Business growth comes from customer acquisition.
The focus of business growth is customer acquisition. Nothing else.

What that means is that whatever it is that you invest…

Whatever it is that you spend on traffic…

On advertising to acquire customers…

You should make back in the form of new customer sales.

If you invest a thousand dollars into a Facebook advertising campaign, break even means you recoup that thousand dollars in the form of new customer sales.

As long as you have more than one product or service that you offer, what that means is that you are acquiring new customers who are free on the front and then you have the opportunity to monetize them with that second, third and fourth offer on the back.

So if you’re trying to grow a business today,

Your number one focus needs to be customer acquisition.

Without more and more customers coming into your business every day, your business is shrinking.

Your number one priority needs to be customer acquisition.

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