In a previous blog post I shared a video excerpt about the necessity of understanding Market Sophistication before creating any marketing funnel.

As a quick recap: prospects evolve as marketing and advertising messages progress.

As prospects see and hear bigger and bigger claims and promises from marketers, they become more “sophisticated” and less inclined to respond to marketing below their sophistication level.

In new markets, with new categories of products, marketing can be based around big promises, big claims, and a big list of benefits. Eventually, though, as markets reach a high-level of sophistication, loftier claims and promises cease to work. Today, many of the more common marketplaces are at this high-level of sophistication.

Prospects have heard and seen all the big claims. And, they’ve become skeptical and doubtful of, what they see as, over-exaggerated promises.

Here is where savvy marketers introduce something called The Unique Mechanism.

In marketing, the Unique Mechanism, is the unique manner, method, or material that allows the product or service to deliver the desired benefits.

In other words, when speaking to sophisticated prospects, savvy marketers shift from making bigger claims than their competitors… to highlighting the Unique Mechanism of their product or service… and how that unique mechanism is what delivers the results the prospects are after.

This is extremely common in infomercials.

Anytime you hear the words, “The secret is in the….”, what follows is the Unique Mechanism.

Take a peek at some of the videos below.

I’ve gone ahead and posted the time within each video when the Unique Mechanism is presented. Take a peek.

Grill Glove (37 second mark)

Hercules Hooks (39 second mark)

Might Mend It (18 second mark)

Orange Glo Hardwood (29 second mark)

Thigh Glider (24 second mark)