These 2 Words Can Double Your Sales Conversions

Soft Offer

Most entrepreneurs aren’t bold enough to use these two words.

The ones who do will see an immediate lift in sales from their marketing campaigns.

Double, triple, even quadruple the number of sales you’re getting right now. No joke.

And, without changing anything else in your marketing campaign.

These two words work so well at increasing sales, legendary copywriters like Gene Schwartz and Gary Halbert relied on them with most of their marketing campaigns.

Even today, brilliant marketers like Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Perry Belcher, and others use, these two words with a variety of their campaigns.

The question is… are YOU bold enough?

We shall see. 🙂

Ready for the two words?

Okay, here they are…

Soft Offer.

Without changing anything else in your marketing campaign, you can significantly bump your sales by changing your offer from a Hard Offer to a Soft Offer.

It’s that simple.

A Hard Offer — the typical offer — demands payment from the customer upfront before they get access to the product.

A Soft Offer allows your customer to get the product now and pay for it later.

It lowers the barrier of entry, removes financial risk for your prospect, and conveys stronger belief in your product. All things which almost always lead to a significant bump in sales conversions.

And, yes, while there will be more people returning your product or deciding not to pay for it, using a Soft Offer will bring you a heck of a lot more new customers. More than enough to compensate for the returns/non-pays.

It’s one of 11 offer types you can use to drive new customer sales like crazy with the E5 Method.

Truth is… you can use a Soft Offer with any properly-structured marketing message… regardless of the marketing model…. and you’ll get a hefty lift in sales.

Try it and see yourself.

Todd 🙂

P.S. I have a crazy soft offer I’ll be releasing soon.

So stay tuned. Whether you take advantage of it or not, it’ll be a great marketing lesson for you.

In the the meantime, take a look at the E5 Method for getting new customer sales every day.

It’s my life’s work in direct response marketing. So it’s good. 🙂