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What’s The Purpose Of Marketing?

Peter Drucker, one of the greatest management gurus ever, said –

“The job of marketing is to make selling superfluous, to make selling unnecessary.”

An effective marketing argument makes selling practically unnecessary.
Effective marketing makes selling practically unnecessary.

This idea really opened up, first and foremost to me, the fact that marketing and selling are two completely different activities.

They’re two different activities with two different objectives.

Personally I don’t like selling, I’m not good at it, it’s something that I’ve never enjoyed.

Maybe you feel the same way.

But this quote from Peter Drucker led me to see that I could get good at marketing, and the better I got at marketing, the less I had to focus on or worry about the selling, and I was still able to generate sales.

So the difference between marketing and selling is really simple.

Selling is all about the product or the service.

It’s all about the features, the advantages, the benefits.

It’s all about the price, the terms, the guarantee, the offer really, right?

Selling is when you’re talking about the product, and selling is something that you typically do when you are talking to a prospect who knows what it is that they want, and now they’re trying to decide between your product and a competitors.

Selling is when you are showing that prospect, or attempting to show that prospect, why they want yours versus any other.

Marketing Is About The Prospect

And marketing is about the obstacle in front of the prospect.

Good marketing helps prospects overcome obstacles.
Good marketing helps prospects see how to overcome their obstacles.

The prospect’s pain

The prospect’s desire

The prospect’s need.

And marketing is about showing the prospect what is the best option for them, and doing that through education.

So the beautiful thing is that if you’re an entrepreneur that doesn’t like selling… that doesn’t enjoy it… that isn’t good at it… that doesn’t feel comfortable with the high pressure shenanigans of sales… the cool thing is that that’s okay.

You can still generate tons of sales for your product…

The key is that you get good at marketing.

The key is that you understand how to put together an effective marketing message.

Because when you do – when you put together an effective marketing message, like Peter Drucker said, it makes the selling portion –

It makes that high pressure stuff, insignificant.

You don’t need to do it anymore, because the marketing is really creating the demand for the product before you ever even offer it.

And so, the beautiful thing is, if you don’t like selling, if you don’t enjoy it, if you’re not good at it, that’s okay.

Focus on becoming a great marketer.

Focus on learning how to craft solid marketing messages, and you will still be able to sell like crazy.

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