WARNING: Hypnotic Copywriting Technique

Today I want to share a tactic that can take your copywriting game to the next level, bringing your conversions along for the ride…

They’re called Dimensionalized Benefit Statements

With this simple writing technique, you’re captivating the attention of prospects, grabbing them by the collar and pulling them into your marketing funnel as if hypnotized
They’re on the edge of their chair, scrolling eagerly through your sales page…

Eyes wide with excitement, they’ve already taken out their wallet ready to BUY your product or service!

Sound good? Good.

Ok, here’s how you do it:

Savvy marketers understand the difference between features and benefits.

The feature is about the product, but the functional benefit is what that feature does for the prospect.

Unfortunately, most average marketers stop at just functional benefits…

They’re missing out on a way of talking about benefits that has a hypnotic effect on prospects…

A dimensionalized benefit is a vivid description of what the benefit looks like in your prospect’s life.

It’s about painting a picture of how that benefit transforms their life.

For example:

Let’s say we’re selling mechanical pencils to writers…

One of the features of the mechanical pencil is that it has a little cushion that you hold, right?

That’s the feature.

The cushion softens the grip making the pencil easier to hold.

That’s the functional benefit of the cushion.

A vivid description of what that benefit actually looks like in the life of your prospect would sound like this:

“You no longer get cramps anymore in your hand and now you’re are able to write for longer periods of time.”

“You’re able to stay within your creative zone longer, crafting better prose.”

THOSE are the dimensionalized benefits.

You communicate these dimensionalized benefits by walking the prospect through the experience of what his or her life will be like once they use the product…

What does that real world, hands-on experience look like for them?

What does it feel like?

When you do this in your marketing funnel, your product should be viewed by the prospect as the fulfillment of their dominant desire.

The key to a dimensionalized benefit is that you demonstrate and show with your words. You don’t simply tell.

Remember, telling doesn’t sell. Showing does.

You demonstrate the transformation for the prospect, including the ownership experience.

The hypnotic subconscious effect of this technique is that you allow your prospect to temporarily feel exactly what it will be like once they buy your product or service…

However, unless they actually buy the product they won’t get that experience in real life!

This creates a painful disconnect in the prospect’s subconscious that works on a deep level to influence their decision to buy the product.

When done properly… this is powerful, powerful stuff.

Use it wisely.