What Business Are You REALLY In?

This Business “Idea” Change My Marketing Forever

It changed my whole marketing journey and my whole experience with marketing when years ago, Mark Ford said to me that Agora was able to grow so big and so fast because they recognized that they were in –

The Idea Business.

Grow your business by using Big Marketing Ideas.
Ideas – Big Marketing Ideas – Drive Business Growth

That changed things for me.

Prior to that, everything that I had learned and studied about marketing, which was from the world of direct response was copy.

Long-form copy was pain-agitate-solve, all that jazz.

And so it just becomes extremely exciting when you recognize that it’s ideas first.

First and foremost, it’s ideas because a great idea can carry weak copy.

So if you’re ready to start using big marketing ideas in your business, I’ve got a book that you are absolutely going to love.

It’s called How To Find Your Big Marketing Idea.

The Big Marketing Idea Book Makes Your Marketing Stand Out

Here are some of the things you’ll learn inside that will grow your business, and get you more sales and customers:

  • The 10 Elements of A Big Marketing Idea…
  • The Big Marketing Idea Formula…
  • 10 Multi-Million Dollar Real Life Big Marketing Idea Examples…
  • How To Use The 5-Stage P.E.S. To Determine Your Prospect’s Buying Desire…
  • How To Develop Your Big Marketing Idea (Including one that launched a $170 Million a year business)…
  • And much more…

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