What’s The Difference Between 6 and 7-Figure Entrepreneurs?

This Is The Difference Between Big Earners And Average Entrepreneurs

The difference between the big earners and the average, the entrepreneurs that struggle and the ones that just knock ’em dead is really not what most people think.

Successful entrepreneurs don't wait around. They take action.
What’s the difference between average and successful entrepreneurs?

There’s no magical skill set.

There’s no magical aspect of discipline or mindset or intellect or genius that the high seven, eight figure plus earners bring to the table.

The big difference is this:

It comes down to one word and that word is ACTION.

The big earners, the seven, eight figure plus entrepreneurs are the ones that take action, that recognize the value in speed, that when they get an idea, they implement it and execute.

They’re not worried about whether they’ve got it all figured out.

They’re not worried about whether they are going to implement it perfectly.

They’re okay taking imperfect action.

See, the name of the game for you is to act, to implement, to execute, to take what it is that you know and put it into motion.

I really think the main one that I would really point out is for whatever reason people think that there is something that they don’t know yet that is really going to make their success that much more sure…

And if they don’t, right, if they try to launch without that one thing, they’re not going to be successful and so that whole mindset of there’s one more thing, right, that keeps them perpetually learning.

It keeps them perpetually in this input mode instead of being in output mode.

The reality is this:

There’s always more to learn, right –

But the fact that there is always more to learn shouldn’t stop you from
implementing and executing and taking action…

Remember: Great Entrepreneurs Take Imperfect Action

And so I do think that there are some people, there’s some, a small group that there’s a certain percentage of people that they’re afraid that once they do take action that now they are defined by their result –

Whereas before taking action, they’re defined by the hope, the dream.

And so they keep the dream alive, like –

“I’m gonna start a business, I’m going to grow a business… I’m gonna run my successful business…” and they have this sense of hope but once you launch it –

If you don’t believe in your ability to make it a success then now you’ve just come face to face with the fact that maybe you won’t have a business –

And so I think that there’s a lot of people that are stopped by that…

But I really think that the majority are, they’re looking for that one more missing piece.

Successful entrepreneurs take imperfect action.
Successful entrepreneurs take imperfect action. Average entrepreneurs wait for the stars to align.

They believe that for whatever reason and unfortunately, that will never go away because there is always more to learn.

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