Writing Copy For Facebook Ads

Writing Copy For Facebook Ads

The list of Facebook’s prohibited advertising words, phrases, topics, and themes feels like it’s growing by the day.

Not too mention, their spoken and unspoken advertising terms: No claims… no promises… no big benefit statements… no results-based proclamations… no typical fill-in-the-blank headlines… none of that.

Try to run ads with any of those, and your stuff is disapproved or runs the risk of, at some point, getting your account flagged.

This is why the idea of writing “compliant copy” has become something of a hot topic.

Compliance is, obviously, essential. A non-negotiable.

But, trying to craft compelling and persuasive copy… which is also compliant… is no easy task when trying to do it with the old-school promise-driven style of direct response.

Because you’re handcuffed

It’s like trying to produce a horror film without being allowed to include any sharp objects, scary masks, eerie music, or blood and gore.

You’ve got to be one heck of a movie magician to pull that off.

Okay… so, then, what do you do?


How do you whip-up ads which are compelling enough to grab attention and generate action, while keeping you out of hot water with Zuck and crew?

Simple (not easy)…

With Big Marketing Ideas, that’s how.

Because, first, BMIs are NOT promise or claim or benefit-driven. They’re idea-driven.

And, by nature, BMIs are attractive and curious and alluring. The idea itself is emotionally compelling and intellectually interesting.

So BMIs appeal to your prospects head and heart, without needing an overt, flag-raising claim.

Meaning: BMIs, deployed correctly, are Facebook compliant.

Second, BMIs present your prospect with an idea viewed as new, unique, different, and fresh.

So BMIs standout; they’re natural attention-grabbers. Which is exactly what we want and need to get clicks on a crowded platform like the Facebook ecosystem.

Third, there’s infinite opportunities to spot, develop, and deploy new BMIs for your marketing. The seeds of BMIs are everywhere.

If you’re willing to do the Examination (research), you’ll never run out of new and effective ideas for compelling and compliant ad copy.

Of course it’s not as easy as whipping-up a “How To…” headline. But, the season for that style of copy — when buying media — has come to a close.

Don’t fight it.

Embrace it.

Develop Big Marketing Ideas and you’ll be good to go.


TB 🙂