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Next week is our three-day virtual TOP ONE™ Mastermind Experience

The theme for this gathering is Brave New World... 

(You can see, in the video above, what we'll be sharing and discussing.)

For me... to lead the four dozen or so entrepreneurs in this group is a tremendous honor. Humbling, to be fully transparent.

This group is filled with extraordinary seven, eight, and even nine-figure entrepreneurs and business leaders.

All doing tremendous things. All growing like crazy.

But that's not the most impressive thing to me.

Nor is it the most important. 

More inspiring... is their generosity and humility. From all of them. 

They're all givers. And revel in celebrating their fellow member's successes rather than their own. 

It's awesome to witness. 

And I treasure it.

I also believe it's why they're all so successful. 

But, I don't believe it's a by-product of their success; I believe their success is a by-product of their generosity and humility. 

Why? Because those traits infuse everything they do. From their front-facing activities to their back office roles and duties. 

They're good people, striving to do good things, with good intentions, and experiencing great outcomes. 

Again, I treasure it. 

And my hope is you too serve as the generous and humble leader of your own business and tribe.

With that said, let's get to this week's goodies...


  • Google moves one step closer to ads that can deliver personalization and privacy

    It's clear....  there are significant changes on the horizon in the areas of tracking, targeting, and therefore, media buying.

    With changes to the way pixels and cookies are working, and new more robust ways of targeting users on browsers, we marketers need to stay up on how the major platforms are evolving.

    In this brief article you'll get a taste of one direction Google is exploring -- audience cohorting. 

  • Inversion: The Crucial Thinking Skill Nobody Ever Taught You

    An insightful article from Atomic Habits author, James Clear.  

    If you see the value in improving your thinking skills -- as you should -- this is a great read. 

    "Inversion is a powerful thinking tool because it puts a spotlight on errors and roadblocks that are not obvious at first glance. What if the opposite was true? What if I focused on a different side of this situation? Instead of asking how to do something, ask how to not do it."

  • How To Make Hard Choices

    A 14-minute TED Talk from Ruth Chang, a graduate of Harvard Law... who changed paths and went off to study philosophy at Oxford University.  

    If you ever find yourself struggling to make difficult decisions, you should find this insightful and helpful. 


Paid To Think Book Cover

This is a book for entrepreneurs and executives. All about better, bigger, more comprehensive thinking.

My friend Jay Abraham wrote the introduction. That's what first caught my attention.

The book goes in-depth on four core areas essential for every effective business leader: 

(1) Learning
(2) Strategizing
(3) Performing
(4) Forecasting

And, it's hefty; 700 pages. So not a quick read.

But, if you're looking for an overhaul on your business thinking, this is a worthy read.  


Todd Brown Marketing Team Call Example

This week on our internal marketing training...

I showed me team how I edit copy to make sure it's compelling without being too aggressive or in-your-face.

We never want our copy to read, sound, or feel like copy. If it does, it's not good copy. 

While we want to fill out marketing with lots of promises and benefits, we don't ever want to oversell or feel pushy.

Meaning, we don't want our copy to feel like we're trying to sell or manipulate the prospect. We don't want it to feel desperate. 

Of course, all copy is manipulative in the sense that it's moving our prospect emotionally and intellectually. 

But if it screams manipulative intent, prospects will resist. Rightly so.

Good copy should feel more educational than it does like a sales message. 

Good copy should move your prospect without the prospect realizing what's being done. 


  • Our marketing messages should never come across as if we're trying hard to make the sale or manipulate. Don't push prospects, lead them to come to conclusions on their own. 

  • Look for sentences/phrases you wouldn’t actually speak to someone in person. Address and validate their skepticism : “No Joke.” Use softener words instead of absolutes: “is considered” vs. “is often considered”, “by all the big dogs” vs. “by most of the big dogs”.
  • Important to be aware of the objective of every word and sentence you write. And make sure you're not telegraphing the underlying tactic. Like Ogivly said: “The consumer isn’t stupid, she’s your wife”
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A Marketing Question For Todd Brown

This question was posed in response to one of my Youtube videos titled The 1 Thing To Focus On When Crafting Your Marketing Message!

Below was my response:

Great question.

The presupposition behind this video is that you do believe your product is better than the other options.

If an entrepreneur doesn't believe their product is the best, I personally can't understand why they would be selling it. 

Of course, a product doesn't have to be the best in every category.

It can be the best in terms of speed, ease of use, reliability, enjoyment, results, feature set, etc.

Certainly some of this is subjective. 

But, if an entrepreneur is selling a product they don't believe is superior in one or more of those areas... then all they've done is chosen to sell an inferior product.

And outside of lying, I have no idea how they could successfully market it.

If you don't have a specific, tangible reason why people should chose your product over all the other options, pick a different product...

One you do believe is the superior option.


Endel App Homepage

I don't know about you, but I like background sound when I'm working. Especially when I'm doing any kind of creative work.

Most of the time I listen to music. Mostly instrumental stuff. Sometimes movie themes. 

I find the music gets me in more of an emotional state. Which I find helpful, especially when doing anything related to marketing.

When I find I need more concentration I listen to It's not great, but it usually does the job for me. is another player on the scene.

The big difference... Endel is algorithm-based to give a personalized "sound experience". 

So far I'm enjoying it. Listening to it as I write this. 


A picture of Todd Brown's first car

My first car. A Pontiac Grand Am.

Like a typical New Jersey teenage knuckle-head, I had the windows tinted jet black. Including most of the front windshield. 

And across the top of the windshield it said, "Let The Bass Pump".  LOL!

Oh the horror. 

Today I drive a simple black pickup truck. And love it. 


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