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Oh baby...

My brand new E5 Method book is HOT OFF THE PRESSES!

It just became available yesterday.

✅ You can grab a FREE COPYget some insane bonuses, and you only cover shipping and handling.

We gave some preview copies to folks about a week ago -- NOT in exchange for any feedback or endorsement, just as a little gift -- and, regardless, the reviews starting flowing. 

Like this one from Eddie Coleman...

The reason why Eddie says, "This might seem a little unrealistic, but I just read the entire book...", is because the E5 Method book is over 320 pages!

It covers... from A-Z... how to use the E5 Method to acquire new buyers every day, consistently, and do it at scale. 

If that's something you're interested in, go here and grab the book and bundle now

I really think it'll be one of the most valuable books you ever own.   

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...


  • Distinguishing Between Insight Marketing and Content Marketing

    This is a tiny article...

    But one that should leave you pondering the core idea.

    At its foundation: Are you giving your market mere content... or... insights?

    And, no, the two are not the same.  

  • 6 Learnable Skills That Will Define You as a Business Leader

    Effective leadership is not a talent, it's a learnable skill.

    Meaning, if you want to become a more effective leader in your business, there are specific actions you can take and specific behaviors you can exhibit to improve your skills. 

    This little article covers six of these skills. And you can bang-out the article in a couple of minutes. 

  • YOUTUBE VIDEO: Expectancy Theory of Motivation

    How do you motivate employees? And how do you keep them motivated?

    Most entrepreneurs don't realize, employee motivation has a lot more to do with clarity of their role and autonomy to hit the target than mere external rewards and recognition.   

    This video gives a great overview of why this is the case. 


Picture of The Political Speechwriter's Companion Book

If you've been around me and my training for any significant length of time, you know I'm a big believer in entrepreneurs and marketers studying argumentation and rhetoric

Both are at the root of all effective marketing, despite their lack of popularity today.

And both are the root of all effective political speeches (whether you agree or disagree with the content shared).

There are principles at play which make for a compelling, inspiring, action-driving message. Whether delivered in writing, via speech, or through a marketing campaign.  

If you're down for an in-depth read on this topic (i.e. almost 500 pages), this is a great book. 

Useful for all types of marketing campaigns, content, webinars, videos, etc. 

Even if you're just interested in understanding more about the underlying strategies and tactics of word choice, phrases, stories, and flow of political speeches, you'll dig this.  


This week on our internal marketing training...

I walked my team through how to tap into your prospect's Emotional Motivation, and how to do it without hype or using any exaggerated language. 

Below is a snippet from our call...


  • The main objective of the Lead in a marketing campaign is to generate emotional buy-in from the prospect. We need to move the prospect emotionally before we attempt to move them logically. The head follows the heart.

  • All marketing campaigns should begin where the prospect is emotionally, and lead the prospect to where we want them to be emotionally at the end. In other words, what are they feeling coming in, and what do we want them feeling going out.

  • The core of our campaigns should not be focused on what we provide (i.e. the deliverables), but on what's being promised (i.e. the outcome, result, transformation for the prospect). This includes the emotions and feelings the promise will give them. 

👉🏼 NOTE: If you want the full, unedited recordings every week from the marketing training I do for my team, go here


Along with answering questions, I regularly post content inside the MFA Nation Facebook Group.

Below is a recent post, with a follow-up question, and my response...

Content from Todd Brown's Facebook Group
A screenshot of Todd Brown answering a marketing question from the MFA Nation Facebook Group

If you're not in the group yet, you're missing out.

Go here and join us.


BannerBear App

If you use social media for business, and regularly post quote cards or quiz images or product shots, Bannerbear is a pretty neat tool.

In a nutshell, it takes your content ideas from a basic spreadsheet, and using a single template/layout, creates images for each. 

So, for example, if you have a list of quotes you want post over the coming weeks, you can turn them all into a their own quote card with Bannerbear in seconds.

You start with the spreadsheet...

Spreadsheet for Bannerbear

Import into Bannerbear...

And voilà. 

Image example from Bannerbear

Pretty cool, right?

I'm not an affiliate and earn no money from this recommendation.


A picture of Todd and his dad

A pic of me and my pops from the early 80's.

I was about 12 here, he was in his early forties. 

It's crazy for me to look at this photo today knowing I'm now older than he was here.  

He passed away a few years ago. And I miss him every day. 

Whenever I look at this pic I'm reminded of two things:

1. Time is our most precious asset. It ticks on whether we squander it or use it for good. We can't get a second of our life back. And we need to remind ourselves of that often.

2. Never forget what's most important in your life. 


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