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Picture of ted thomas direct mail letter

Legendary speaker, Ted Thomas, sent me this letter. 

He wanted to get my attention. 

He certainly did.

Someone once sent me a bobblehead in a box. Customized to look like me. 

He also wanted to get my attention.

He did as well. 

I get stuff in the mail from people all the time. Almost weekly.

Most if it's nonsense. So it gets nothing more than a quick look. 

But, when someone goes above and beyond, they earn my attention.

It's almost like the law of reciprocity at work -- when someone does something or sends something of value, I feel a sense of responsibility to look at it. 

And I do.

I don't think enough entrepreneurs consider this when constructing their marketing campaigns.

They don't seem to understand what's at stake.

1️⃣ First, what it takes to get attention today is extreme. You've got to do something significant to stand-out.

2️⃣ Second, if your marketing looks, feels, and sounds like everything else your prospect is getting, why should they be inclined to give yours more attention. There's value in showing up differently. 

3️⃣ Third, if your stuff looks like you put little effort into it, why would you think your prospect would treat it with respect. You can tap into the law of reciprocity (to drive greater engagement) by making your stuff feel valuable. 

Like I've told you many times:

The biggest sin an entrepreneur can commit is underestimating the task at hand of what it takes to move a prospect to whip out their wallet and buy. 

While you don't necessarily need to send them a crisp Benjamin or personalized doll to grab their attention, you do need to do something.

If not, like the average entrepreneur, you end-up being ignored.

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...


  • 23 Examples of Effective Headlines

    Not your common headline list; I found the unique angles the author takes to be refreshing. 

    If nothing else, this is a good idea stimulator for you.

  • How to Beat Procrastination Like a Stoic Philosopher

    Procrastination is the great robber of dreams and aspirations.

    If you leave it unchecked it can wreak havoc on your ability to make progress.

    You need to approach overcoming Resistance, as Steven Pressfield calls it, like you're doing battle.

    Ryan Holiday shares some solid actionable tips for you in this article. 

  • How to Use Your Content Marketing to Seed Your Lookalike Audiences

    If you're doing any advertising on Facebook, this a valuable read.

    I appreciate the approach shared because it allows you to gain more leverage from any content you already produce.  


Picture of the cover of Tribal Knowledge Book

I don't typically recommend books about "brand building".

But this one is different.

The first chapter covers the principle behind smart brand-building I recommend when asked about it -- Building The Business Creates The Brand.

Not everything in the book applies to our type of business. But, there's lots that does. Especially the stuff about creating your "tribe", a unique "destination", and the use of authentic marketing.

I recommend you pick-up a used copy. New, on Amazon, is $45.


Screenshot from Todd Brown's Team Marketing Training

This week on our internal marketing training...

I walked the team through how to use a catalyst to drive a marketing promotion. 

A catalyst is an event or situation or circumstance which opens-up a new opportunity for the prospect to experience a benefit they desire. 

For example, from the investing space... the legalization of Cannibas was a catalyst -- a turning point which opened up a new world of investing opportunities. 

When done correctly, using a catalyst as the crux of your marketing promotion can create a lot of excitement, differentiation, and a strong reason to respond now. 

And with the right approach to examination and research, you can find lots of catalysts in your marketplace to use as the foundation of a strong promotion. 


  • A good catalyst not only introduces a big, new opportunity for the prospect, it's also time-bound. Meaning: It has a beginning and end. So it gives the prospect ample reason to respond now.

  • A good catalyst also creates buckets (i.e. "us and them"), giving us the opportunity to demonstrate those who will miss-out and those who will be on the inside. This provides more incentive for the prospect to buy through the principle of identification.

  • A solid marketing message will give the feeling of discovery, AHA moments. A catalyst makes this easy, since, by nature, it is something new and something news-worthy. This is part of how we deliver value through a campaign.

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Screenshot of a Question About The Unique Mechanism

Below is my answer...

Screenshot of Todd Brown Talking About Value In Marketing

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This week I have a little video excerpt for you about an important topic...

Most entrepreneurs don't have a clear process or system for determining what should and should not be in their offer.

I do. 

Here's a little break-down of a piece of the process I teach to E5 Coaching students.

*This was recorded during an E5 Coaching group yesterday.

Pay close attention to the question I ask for each deliverable... and how we avoid the mistake of "doubling-up".


Picture of Todd Brown's First Youtube Video

A mugshot?


It's a screenshot from, what I believe, is the first ever video of me posted on Youtube (2009). 



But, a good reminder that your past doesn't determine your future. Your struggles today may become your strengths tomorrow. 

It's not about where you start; it's about where you're going. 

Note: At some point, I'll have to show you a screenshot from my first marketing campaign going back almost two decades ago.

Needless to say, it's also not a pretty picture. 


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