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Just got word my younger daughter scored a 1440 on her SATs.

If she didn't look so much like me I would assume she was adopted. 

I got an 860....


She got a 760 just on the math portion alone. Little freak. 

My promise to her, and my older daughter, when they hit high-school, was that any money they got from scholarships, I would match and give them upon graduation.

So this 1440 is going to cost me even more. 

But, I couldn't be more proud. I hope I have to write, both her and her sister, monster checks. 

She's worked extremely hard. And this is the fruit of her labor.

Fortunately, for me... and maybe you as well... hard work, diligence, focus, and tenacity can overcome a lack of genius-level intelligence. Especially when it comes to business. Thank goodness.

Most of my wildly successful friends aren't intellectual giants. A few are. Most, though, are average. 

Growing up, I was diagnosed with a learning disability. Did poorly in school. Barely graduated high school.

Yet, today, I have many clients with MBA's, PhD's, Masters degrees, corporate experience, advanced certifications, you name it. All paying a hefty chunk to learn from me and my E5 Method.

Me... the guy who was diagnosed with a learning disability... the guy who got an 860 on his SAT's... the guy who barely graduated high school.

My point in sharing this:

It doesn't matter what obstacles or short-comings or issues you may have dealt with in the past... or are dealing with right now. 

You just have to be willing to do the work necessary to reach your goals. 

If you're willing to do that, you can achieve anything.

I'm a prime example. 

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...


  • Netflix explains how it uses AI to sell you on a show

    A quick and interesting read about the way they drive engagement with "personalized recommendations".

    I have no doubt we'll be seeing more and more of this type of AI across the board.  

  • Why marketing innovators should act like artists

    This is a podcast episode. Different from the typical marketing podcast.

    I love the overall philosophy shared...

    "What does an artist do? They notice, they investigate, they seek to understand what’s really going on in the world. Then they ask themselves this question constantly – ‘what can we make of it?'"

  • 5 Content Marketing Ideas for January 2021

    Nothing ground-breaking here.

    But ideas #3-5 are simple and can easily be implemented if you're struggling for content creation ideas. 


who not how book by dan sullivan

This was a recommendation from my friend Dean Jackson.

It should be a mandatory read for every serious entrepreneur. Seriously. 

For many who read it, it'll create a fundamental shift in the way they think about taking on new projects, activities, ventures, etc. 

As the title implies, it's all about leverage through relationships being your go-to thought process and approach. Rather than "how do I get this done".

Fully adopting this in every area of business is going to be a big focus for me in 2021.

I recommend the same for you.


Screen shot from the Todd Brown Team Marketing Meeting

This week on our internal marketing training...

We covered the principle of sales reactance -- the push-back prospects tend to exhibit when they feel they're being pushed or manipulated or having their freedom of choice taken away. 

This is something most entrepreneurs and marketers don't understand, and certainly not something they attempt to reduce in their marketing. 

Yet, sales reactance plays a huge role in the response and conversions you get from your campaigns.

The key with sales reactance is this:

The more explicit and blatant your attempt is to persuade and influence your prospect in your marketing message, the more pushback they will feel. 

The more recognizable your sales effort is to the prospect, the more sales reactance they will experience.

So, the aim with your marketing is to lead your prospect to the conclusions needed to buy. Rather than attempting to push your prospect there. 

Much of this has to do with what and how you say what you say in your marketing.


  • The more your market recognizes your attempt to manipulate them, the more they will resist (even if they agree with what you’re saying).

  • All marketing campaigns are marketing arguments - either good ones or bad ones but they are marketing arguments. When you build a solid marketing argument then offer your prospects a genuine choice - a choice they can make themselves freely, given all the facts - reactance goes down.

  • Getting agreement, specifically early in a marketing message, is essential. We want our prospects nodding along with our copy... feeling that we understand how they feel, what they want, and that we have the perfect solution for their core desire.

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This question was posted inside the MFA Nation Facebook Group...

Todd Brown Reading So Many Books

Below is my answer...

I make the time.

I pre-schedule it into my day. The same way I would for any other important appointment or task.

If you feel reading is a critical aspect to your growth, and the growth of your business, then you should treat it that way.

Is it a priority? 

If so, make it a priority.

Much of this comes down to how you frame reading, or any activity for that matter, in your mind.

I view reading, exercising, relaxing, and quality time with my family as priorities. Along with my many business activities.

So they all get priority treatment -- they all get scheduled into my calendar first before anything else. 

Make sense?


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Picture of Todd Brown Speaking At Transformation Summit

This should be an interesting and actionable event.

It's being hosted by Joshua Boswell. And the whole thing is free

It's a lot of experts sharing the one transformational thing we each believe can make 2021 a breakout year. 

I'll be talking something I haven't talked about before. Something I've recently spoken to my own team about. And something which will be a big focus for us in 2021. 

Excited to share it here.


A picture of the team for Todd Brown

Lots of the MFA Team...

This is a screenshot from one of our annual planning sessions this past week. 

❤️ I absolutely adore these people. And honored to get to work alongside of them. 

It's amazing... the sense of responsibility you feel as a leader... when you're surrounded by people who care deeply about the company and its mission.

These folks... are the most precious asset we have.

🎅🏼 HAPPY HOLIDAYS: From me and the entire team, we're wishing you an amazing holiday season. Filled with lots of cheer, gratitude, and joy. We're grateful to have you in our tribe. Truly!


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