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Todd Brown Shares His Annual Theme Word

Going into the new year I always choose a theme for my year.

Then, pick a word which articulates that theme.

I like to keep this "Theme Word" out in front of me as a daily reminder.

In 2020, my word has been LEADER.

This, for me, has been all about taking on even more of a leadership role in three core areas of my life: with my family, my team, and my tribe (you).

Todd Brown shares his annual Theme Word

In 2021, my word will be EXPERIENCES.

Today, more so than ever before, I realize the enormous value of experiencing more in life... rather than simply striving to achieve or accomplish more, or acquiring even more things.

🥰 I believe a life well-lived is a life filled with meaningful experiences. And, of course, with meaningful people.

Not too mention, the more we experience, the more we have to offer the world. Inside... and outside of business.

So that will be my focus in 2021 -- not just getting more done, achieving more, accomplishing more, or acquiring more. But, experiencing more.

How about YOU?...

🤔 What's a good theme and Theme Word for you in 2021?

Go into the MFA Nation Facebook Group and share.

Your fellow members have been sharing some really insightful ones. I'd love to hear yours. 

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...


  • Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Rewards: What's a Better Motivator?

    Whether you're leading and motivating a team... or.... leading and motivating yourself, understanding the best way to drive the right actions is vital.

    Here's how to identify the right way to motivate yourself and others.

    As you'll read, each person can be different.  

  • How Do You Create Memories When Every Day Is the Same?

    Most often it's the small things... the things we overlook and take for granted... which can make for those special moments.

    Getting that... is the at the root of this article.  

  • Marketing Objectives: How to Set Them Right (with Examples)

    Having a scorecard with targets and measurements that drive your business is absolutely essential. 

    I review a dashboard daily. As does every person on my leadership team. 

    You should have your own scorecard with targets and measurements as well. 

    This is a great little primer article on how to find and quantify the right metrics for your business. 


Cover of Your Next Five Moves Book by Patrick Bet-David

Just released in August, Your Next Five Moves is a... sort of... scaled-down version of Ray Dalio's Principles. 

Funny enough, when talking about the author, Dalio said, "Patrick is one of the most exciting thinkers I’ve had a chance to converse with.”

At its core, this is a book about thinking and decision-making. Two skills, I believe, not enough entrepreneurs properly value or develop.

Fact is, your ability to think properly about any business scenario, issue, obstacle, opportunity, or move is foundational to making good decisions.

Elevating your thinking, reasoning, and decision-making skills should be a priority for you as an entrepreneur. 

This book will certainly help you do that. 


Screenshot from Todd Brown Marketing Training about Status Quo Bias

This week on our internal marketing training...

I walked the team through snippets from three marketing promotions and showed them how each used Consequence Amplification to overcome status quo bias. 

Status Quo Bias is the natural preference prospects have for remaining in their current state, doing the same thing they've always done.

In marketing, it's not enough to demonstrate why your product or service is superior to every other option. You also have to demonstrate why purchasing your product or service is also superior to doing nothing and remaining as is. 

This may seem like common sense. Yet, it's rarely addressed properly within most marketing campaigns. Which is partially why many marketers struggle to produce ample conversions.

Consequence Amplification is a method for showing your prospects the negatives and risks and potential consequences of maintaining the status quo.  But, doing it without coming off icky or sleazy. 

This is so important. And so valuable. 

Don't ever underestimate the power and impact of Status Quo Bias on your prospect's willingness to take advantage of your offer. 

Always... deal with it.


  • We must never assume our prospects are aware of the inherent risks and possible consequences of staying on their current path. For their sake, we need to inform them. And make sure they get it both logically and emotionally.

  • Reminding the prospect of what's at stake and of the frustrations or issues they've been dealing with, can be just as critical at the end of a marketing campaign as it is at the beginning.

  • Consequence Amplification can be used to prevent the prospect from making the wrong decision (i.e. choosing an inferior competitive product), as well as from making the decision to do nothing. In both cases, a decision is being made. And we need to prevent both. 

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This question was posted inside the MFA Nation Facebook Group...

How to learn more about your market

Below is a great answer from superb marketer, David Frey, as well as an additional nugget from me...

How to learn more about your market - response from David Frey
How to learn more about your market - response from Todd Brown

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Screenshot of rhymne zone website

Rhyme Zone looks like a website from the days of AOL and MySpace...

Yet, it's still a killer little tool for writers and marketers.

😲 You can not only search for words which rhyme, you can search for descriptive words, related words, similar sounding words, phrases which contain specific words, and so much more. 

It's great for when you're naming a product or bonus and want to leverage alliteration. 

It's great for when you've used a descriptive word too much in a marketing message, and need to find a replacement. 

It's great for when you're looking for a different way to describe or talk about something.

There are so many uses for this thing. 

It's just cool. 

And it's free.

You can play around Rhyme Zone here.


From the top floor of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, the time I gathered a few dozen of the top media buyers on the planet into one room for two days to share their absolute best strategies. 

I called it the Masters of Media Buying Mastermind

You likely can't make them out in the picture, but in the room where media buyers from companies like Purple Mattress, Agora Companies, Tai Lopez,  ClickFunnels, Traffic & Funnels, and many others.

Along with traffic pros like Curt Maly, Keith Krance, Mike Buontempo, Anik Singal, many of my TOP ONE Private Clients, and lots more.

It was an incredible experience, to say the least.

At the end, the whole room voted for the media buying expert who they felt shared the most value. 

And, I awarded the winner a legit Championship Belt.

Of course, Curt Maly won. And has since gone on to share his BELT Method with tons of marketers.

Now you know where it all originated. In this room.   


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