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What's hearing the truth worth to you?

I'll tell you why I ask, in a second.

This week our entire team is getting ready for our upcoming TOP ONE Mastermind™ Experience. 

We host these quarterly for our top-tier clients -- a group of about 45 entrepreneurs doing $400 million or so a year.

It's basically two days of sharing our best marketing methods working for us today... combined with optimizing one another's marketing campaigns.

Of course, folks invest a lot to be in this group (assuming they qualify and we accept them).

And, yet, I've found something interesting within this group...

Even though they're all high-level entrepreneurs... all rockin'... all growing like wildfire... what they value most isn't all the marketing gems they get. 

What they value most... is being told the truth. The raw, brutal truth about a problem or issue or obstacle in their business, and what needs to be done to fix it. 

They're not afraid to hear something outside their comfort zone. Even stuff which contradicts their current perspective. 

No. They're open and willing to hear what other smart entrepreneurs have to say. And are willing to entertain seemingly strange and contrarian ideas and methods. 

They don't want their mistakes to be affirmed. Don't want their marketing praised so they feel warm and fuzzy. And don't want their egos stroked. 

They want the facts. The truth. 

I wish more entrepreneurs would be open to the same. Even if sometimes it hurts to hear it. 

Can you say this is true about yourself?

Think about it. Seriously. 

With that, let's get to this week's goodies...


  • $46 Million-Dollar Advertiser Gets Booted from Facebook

    Shows you... and should be a strong reminder... no matter how much you spend on a third-party advertising platform, you're always at risk of getting booted. 

    This is why you should diversify your traffic sources, and not rely on any one platform. Cause it could disappear at any time. 

    Remember: One of anything in your business is not good. It makes your business vulnerable.  

  • Top 10 Business Predictions for 2021

    Not your typical business predictions.

    I agree with almost all of these. 

    And really think #3 should always be at the heart of how you communicate with your marketplace. Truth be told, it's always been an essential part of marketing that converts.   

  • Something is Rotten in Online Advertising

    If you do any media buying online, this is a great read.

    Deep, compelling, and insightful. 


Age Of Propaganda Book

This one, from the deep archives in my library, is no easy or enjoyable read.

Yet, it thoroughly demonstrates the enormous impact and power and usage of how subtle persuasion triggers shape our perspectives and choices.

Crazy stuff. 

Just as it can be insightful for marketers to understand the dark side of cult formation, psychological manipulation, and con games; there's value in understanding the real-world uses of propaganda to shape minds.

That's what you get in this book. 

Yes, it's a bit old and dated.

But, for the serious student of persuasion, a worthwhile (and chilling) read.  

And probably more appropriate today than has been in recent years. 


Todd Brown Marketing Team Call

This week on our internal marketing training...

I walked the team through a health promotion and showed how CPB Chunks were used to present an airtight emotional and logical argument -- the foundation of a solid marketing message. 

Most novice marketers make the mistake of simple filling their marketing with a string of claims. Usually, willy-nilly, and with inadequate proof.  

In other words, novice marketers present a bunch of benefits and hope their prospects believe them cause they've said it, cause it's in the marketing. 

Yet, today, many prospects are jaded and highly-skeptical of online advertising and marketing claims. 

Today, prospects demand evidence... support... backing-up marketing claims. 

The most effective way to do this in your marketing campaigns is with a properly structured marketing argument of CPB (Claim, Proof, Benefit) Chunks. 

Sequenced in the correct order, CPB Chunks lead your prospect to the natural conclusion that your product is the superior solution. 

(Note: CPB Chunks are also a fundamental part of the E5 Method. If you're not using it yet, go here and get started.)


  • Every claim needs proof elements. But proof isn’t just testimonials, social proof, etc. It can be as simple as the reason why your unique mechanism works the way it works. The way to look at claims is answering the question: “what do they need to believe to buy?”

  • Tie-in is often overlooked in the structure of your copy - eg. "122 year old reveals secret to longevity" has tie in and is relevant, "47 year old reveals longevity" doesn’t have tie in. It serves no purpose, and may even damage the campaign.

  • Nothing in your campaign is a throwaway, nothing should be taken for granted. We can’t assume anything. And everything we do, say, show, and present in a campaign should serve a purpose.

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This question was posted inside the MFA Nation Facebook Group...

What is a good sales conversion rate

Below my response:

Sales conversion rate is an optimization metric.

It's a tool we use to identify what part of the campaign is under-performing the most (i.e. the campaign constraint).

Sales conversion rate is not a metric we use to determine the viability of a campaign.

In other words, a campaign can still be viable and useable with media buying even if it has an extremely low sales conversion rate. 

What you want to focus on with your campaign is the CPA:AOV Ratio. 

How much does it cost you to acquire a buyer (CPA) and how much is that buyer worth to you on day zero, the day they buy (AOV)?

This tells you how much you make back right away for every dollar you invest in media. 

If your CPA:AOV Ratio is 1:1... meaning, you invest a dollar and make back a dollar... it doesn't matter what your sales conversion rate is, the campaign is viable. 

Of course, you can Enhance the campaign (Stage 4 of the E5 Method) to improve your sales conversion rate and AOV. But, regardless, if your CPA:AOV Ratio is where you want it to be, the sales conversion rate doesn't matter. 

Remember: You can't deposit sales conversion rate. Only Return on Investment (ROI). And your ROI on day zero is determined by your CPA:AOV Ratio.

So focus on that first. 

Then decide if you need to look at sales conversion rate to improve the performance of the campaign.

You may not need to.

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Just shared this on Youtube...

If you want to understand how to create a marketing campaign to attract attention from the largest possible audience in your market, you're going to LOVE this.

You'll see inside one of my campaigns (i.e. my copy and video slides)... and understand why I said what I said, when I said it, and the strategy behind each piece of this bad boy.

Pay close attention to the magic of the E5 Method at play throughout this whole thing.

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todd brown and carl allen

I get to give out a lot of awards and gifts and goodies for recognition to our students and clients.

A ton of our folks are doing some amazing things with their businesses.

This pic is from the award ceremony at our most recent TOP ONE Mastermind™ retreat in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Here, you see Carl Allen, the business acquisition genius, getting a little something special from us. 

Right after, not shown in the picture, we celebrate Carl's birthday with a little cake. And the entire group singing to him. 

Was a special moment. One of my favs. 


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